She doesn’t need you: why are you afraid of independent women

Why are so many people afraid of an independent girl? You don’t have to tell an independent lady that everything is OK. She has her own set of regulations, which she drew out with her pen and ink.

She was the sort of student who always took school projects to the next level, the type of student who caused professors concern when it came time for her to present in front of the class.

Oh, those independent women! A majestic heel trampled not one man! There are so many histories about their cruelty and deceit that Satan himself and the US State Department can envy. Relationship with them is a test that only a very strong and self-confident man can do. The rest are afraid of them. And that’s why.

Why are you terrified of an independent woman when she doesn’t need you?

She is not frightened to express herself

Autonomous women, for the most part, have independent opinions. She enjoys the most crucial of all the liberties bestowed to her: freedom of mind. Women with a bright intellect, strong spirit and a degree of cunning are the only ones who can achieve independence.

Like a Mongolian tank, she is obstinate and will not consider taking another route, especially if this course goes against her beliefs. Maybe she’s more obstinate than you are. And more resolute. So don’t irritate her. She was born with revolutionary genes, and she couldn’t care less about how you reacted to her choices.

She doesn’t ask for permission

Your permission isn’t required for the independent woman. She has her own set of regulations that she drew up with her pen and ink.

She was one of those students who did not hesitate to approach the dean’s office to fight and ask questions while the rest of the class gathered in humiliation in the hallway. She’s one of those people who tells irritating relatives that they’re wary of their yearly surprise visits, to put it politely.

Why are we so terrified of females who follow their own set of rules? Because they aren’t frightened of getting themselves into trouble. She will have to drag you out of difficulty, not the other way around. It will also be irritating for you if she departs “with her pals” every Friday simply because she wants to, without seeking your opinion.

She isn’t scared to bask in the beams of her brilliance

A strong lady does not hide behind a phony modesty mask. She isn’t going to fold her arms and act as if she isn’t proud of her accomplishments. This isn’t the pale lamb who devotes her life to her spouse. Career and achievement come first, followed by family.

An independent woman is ruthless and truthful to herself. And something is wrong if she isn’t proud of herself.

You won’t be able to intimidate her

Invented hierarchies cannot scare an independent woman. All your threats, all your beating on the table, all your cries of “I said!” have no impact on her since she knows she can take care of herself in any scenario.

She will not be frightened by cheap intimidation methods used on the weak. She sees things for what it is and can tell who is the weaker of the two of you. Respect, not beatings, terror, or unpleasant scandals, is the foundation of true authority, even in the family.

She doesn’t need your assistance

She isn’t reliant on you, and she doesn’t need your assistance. She doesn’t need your money (which she earns herself and enjoys), permission, or orders. She understands exactly what she wants out of life and only takes what she needs.

Simultaneously, if such a lady falls in love with you, this is possibly the most honest relationship possible. She was more interested in you than in your mansion and boat.

She obtains a higher salary

Economic factors have a significant influence on relationships. It is not uncommon for a guy to be laid off from work, leaving a woman as the family’s only provider. Then something horrible occurs. The man is tortured by realizing that he is not the one who provides for his family, which is beset by sadness, drunkenness, and absolute insecurity.

A guy is not scared that his lady is better off than him, but he is enraged that he makes less. And since he has nothing to do, he will remain at home looking for a job; it will be difficult for him to accept his position; a protest is conceivable; he should be cooler… She, on the other hand, turns out to be more relaxed.

The worst thing, though, is when she boasts about her financial success. And it seems to you that she is attempting to demonstrate, via her whole look, that she does not need such a rag as you. She is capable of doing everything on her own.

It isn’t easy to live with her

You must adore her and believe in her. Given the difficulty of the situation, this may be quite tough. It is, nonetheless, doable.

She isn’t made of stone, either. Surprisingly, these females have sentiments. And she, too, needs protection and affection. It may seem unexpected, yet it is true. Don’t bother her with your mistrust, suspicion, or apathy, or she’ll leave you first.

She has unreasonable expectations

These females might be overly demanding of guys at times. The price is costly.

Because the list of qualifications for applicants is so long, getting to their location is somewhat challenging. And if you’re a slacker, then being an independent woman isn’t for you.

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  1. People’s are not afraid or intimidated by independent women. “Independent” is a friendly term for uncooperative

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