The shoe thrower against George W. Bush vying for Iraq’s parliamentary elections

Unforgettable, his jet of shoes in the face of the powerful and against their shameless state lies, in this case against the infamous George W. Bush and his invasion of disastrous Iraq lying on a web of lies, had earned him a blazing celebrity and, just as hastily, a 9-month prison sentence.

Remember, it was December 14, 2008, during the press conference in Baghdad by the lord of the White House, when suddenly rushes to the front of the scene Mountazer al-Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist of 30 years, who played the spoilsport by throwing his pair of shoes at the head of the American president.

At the time of entering history, he had cried out in front of a paralyzed Bush “It’s a goodbye kiss of the Iraqi people, you dog!” And even stronger “This is for widows and orphans and all those who have been killed in Iraq!”, Ignoring then that his highly symbolic protest action would make many followers in the Arab world.

Ten years later, this Iraqi hero in spite of himself, who always defended himself from all acts of bravery to insist on the deep sense of humiliation that inhabited him, helpless and torn inwardly, to the annihilation of his people and the chaos that devastated his country a vision that had become unbearable to him is back in the spotlight of hot news.

But this time, Mountazer al-Zaïdi aspires to be an actor in the political life of his country, and it is by endorsing the candidate’s costume in the legislative elections, which will take place on May 12, that he remade talk of him.

The candidacy of the former al-Baghdadiya TV correspondent, who had left Iraq after a nightmarish imprisonment, during which he was regularly beaten with iron bars and inflicted on himself the cruel treatment of electric shocks, crystallizes indeed many hopes within the Iraqi population.

A real barometer of public opinion, social networks are enthusiastic about their new champion, praising his glorious past as a shoe thrower against the Bush era of sinister memory, but also the record of his action at the head of the Foundation al-Zaidi.

“This foundation, in addition to the concrete help him brings to the Iraqi victims of the American occupation, is intended to reveal to the world the extent of the disaster caused by this fatal invasion, making Iraq a huge field of ruins, without hiding anything of the horrendous war crimes that were committed,” said Mountazer al-Zaïdi, the president of the foundation, from his HQ where there is a certain excitement, in the run-up to a decisive election for his country and, perhaps on the eve of its spectacular conversion.

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