Sidechick goes to her lover’s wedding in her own wedding dress [Video]

Smart guys double date without qualm, forgetting there are also smart ladies. But sidechick should understand that she is just a chick on the side.

A serious incident occurred at a wedding ceremony after a lady whose several witnesses claim to be the sidechick of the groom, presented herself at the wedding event on wedding gown and caused chaos during the ceremony.

The scandal video circulates on social media while people are stunned by the action of this lady that some consider brave enough and insane at the same time. In the video, we can see the sidechick trying to get to the place where the groom is, but she is prevented by other people trying to calm her down.

Is the intruder is really the sidechick of the groom? We cannot really confirm it, but it is certain that she knows the man, but he did not choose her to be his soul mate.

Watch the viral video below:

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