Signs someone is pretending to be smart

A person who attempts to demonstrate that he possesses knowledge that is not accessible to him is an example of a pseudo-intellectual.

It is interesting to note that the only person who can create the impression of a smart and well-read person is one who either sincerely believes that he is special or has a low opinion of themselves. The desire of such a person to put his knowledge on display in any and every way possible is the defining characteristic that separates them from genuine intellectuals. This article contains a few more signs that your interlocutor is only pretending to be smart.

7 signs someone is pretending to be smart

1. He does not delve into the topic but rather goes overboard.

At first glance, the pseudo-intellectual might be the living embodiment of Wikipedia. However, this is not the case. However, even though they are familiar with the meanings of common terms and can quote famous people, individuals of this type have only a surface level of knowledge.

As soon as you start digging deeper into any complex topic, the pseudo-intellectual will attempt to steer the conversation as quickly and as decisively as possible in another direction, or they will try to end it altogether.

2. Pseudo-intellectuals frequently use authorities’ opinions

People are concerned with giving the impression that they are smarter than they frequently quote the works of well-known authors and philosophers.

A habit like this, however, can be indicative of more than just a love of reading in general. Because they cannot form their own opinions regarding any topic, some people will sometimes resort to using phrases that others have already formulated.

3. He doesn’t admit his mistakes

If your coworker or friend will only acknowledge their own point of view, it’s probably important for them always to look as though they are knowledgeable. This is another sign that the person might not be who they claim to be.

At the same time, the pseudo-intellectual not only finds it difficult to admit that he is wrong but also rejects the opinions that others express publicly. He considers circumstances like these to be a personal loss.

4. He cannot express his thoughts in simple terms

The pseudo-intellectual tends to use words and phrases that are difficult to understand in everyday conversation. Someone with this mindset will always work toward becoming more scientific. However, in most instances, this pattern covers up an inability to explain complicated concepts using the code of professionalism. In addition, this is one of those essential skills for an intelligent person to acquire.

Furthermore, smart people always pay close attention to the smallest of details. Those who only give the appearance of being such are incapable of properly processing the information they have been given and removing anything that is not essential.

5. He does not critically evaluate his knowledge

One more trait that identifies a person as someone who is only smart in appearance is their inability to evaluate the information they possess objectively. He will quickly disregard any argument that contradicts his point of view. Only the ideas that are fashionable at present are relevant in the eyes of the pseudo-intellectual.

If you want to develop into a successful person, learning to think critically is one of the skills you need to acquire.

6. He will never admit, “I don’t know”

Smart people have no problem whatsoever admitting that there is something that they do not know. They are well aware that the acquisition of knowledge is a worthy goal that can be accomplished through hard work. They do not perceive themselves as disadvantaged when they acknowledge their lack of expertise in a particular area.

On the other hand, pseudo-intellectuals have a completely different way of looking at the world. It is not a sign of a sharp mind but rather of unjustifiably high self-esteem and arrogance that they are so certain that they know everything there is to know about the world.

7. He argues for the sake of arguing

People who are willing to engage in a debate simply to express their point of view are known as pseudo-intellectuals. They are notorious for posting scathing comments on social networks and online forums, and they are also known to cause commotion in line. These people are impelled by nothing less than the need to establish their credibility and make a case for why they should be believed.

However, very few people believe that this kind of behaviour is typical. Others are more likely to view an individual as a hysteric rather than an intellectual when that individual zealously defends his or her point of view. On the other hand, smart people tend to care less about what other people think of them. In addition, defending one’s beliefs in front of strangers is a risky endeavour that should be avoided whenever possible.

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