7 situations when giving up is the best option than to fight

Our whole existence consists of achieving big and small goals. Some of them are easy for us, while others make us anxious and work hard. But occasionally, it sometimes happens that the established goals do not increase the quality of life but make us miserable. In this situation, one must discover the strength in oneself to display wisdom and surrender. We talk about situations when giving up is the best option than fighting.

1. When you stop feeling happy when you think the result

Sometimes it occurs that something to which we devote a lot of work, energy, and time ceases to bring us joy. And as tough as it is to accept such a circumstance, it is normal. Forcing yourself to keep doing something just because you’ve already invested in it is a bad idea that might eventually lead to sadness and self-doubt.

If this happens to you, focus on the joy you have already gotten on the path to the goal. Stopping now, you will not devalue your efforts but only rightly prioritize.

2. When the risks are too high

If the risks are so high that they make you doubt that the end justifies the means, you might be better off giving up. It is also crucial to consider that not all hazards are visible in advance, and in addition to those that you have already predicted, others may appear. In such a case, giving up is a sign of wisdom and caution, not weakness.

Remember that you must first take care of your physical and emotional health, and if you have to sacrifice them for the objective’s sake, it will most likely be chosen incorrectly.

3. When the journey to your goal makes you sad

Sacrificing your happiness in the now to attain a challenging goal in the future is not always a good idea. Such an approach to life would gradually lead to unhappiness with one’s ordinary life and the accumulation of anger and anxiety.

If you begin to wonder how obtaining your goal makes you happy, allow yourself to take a brief break and postpone all plans and activities for a while. When you have the opportunity to re-immerse yourself in the now, you can determine if you are ready to give it up for a temporary future.

4. When you cling on to a goal out of fear of losing yourself

Sometimes it is tough for us to give up our ambitions and objectives, even if they burden our life. This may be linked to the fear of losing yourself. Especially often, those who have been working on the same project or activity for many years encounter a similar predicament.

In such a moment, it is necessary to remind yourself that you are an adult and a whole person who can overcome any loss and manage all anxieties. Faith in yourself and your strengths will help you gather together and push everything that drags it down out of your life.

5. When for the sake of the goal, you have to give up your principles

Remember that not a single, even the noblest aim, is worth going against yourself and your feelings. If the means to reach the goal make you feel horrible, now is not the greatest moment to do it. Otherwise, you risk becoming your own worst enemy.

6. When you strive towards a goal to prove something to others

Being a nice person, responsible employee, and kind friend is normal. But if you are ready to sacrifice your comfort and actual desires to reach goals that will impress others, it is worth questioning whether you are structuring your life correctly

7. You spend a lot of energy, but you get nothing in return

The more resources we put into anything, the more meaningful it looks to us. That is why many people wait for years at a job that not only does not bring them high pay but also makes them feel miserable.

In order not to be imprisoned in the cognitive distortion associated with sunk costs, you need to find the strength in yourself to admit in time that the goal is not worth continuing to spend precious time and resources on obtaining.

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