Signs to show if a man likes you

Are you wondering if a man is in love with you? Are you trying to interpret his cues and behavior when he interacts with you but still doubts his feelings?

The body language, facial expressions, and verbal language a man uses can tell a lot about how he feels about you. However, you need to interpret them correctly because our desires and dreams can prevent us from understanding whether a man is really in love or his feelings are just the fruit of our fantasies. That is, we can overestimate or underestimate someone’s genuine interest in us based on our own needs.

The bright news is that instead of acting like a detective trying to tie together disparate signals, you can use these proven clues to help clarify whether a man likes you or not.

These signs are:

1. The expression on his face

If you want to know if he is really in love, then pay close attention to the expression on his face during your communication. In particular, dilated pupils can be an indicator of interest and arousal. It is confirmed by numerous studies’ results – when the centers responsible for receiving pleasure activate in our brain. Dopamine is released into the bloodstream, forcing the pupils to dilate. This is how our body reacts to emotional arousal.

If, when communicating with you, a man raises his eyebrows, licks his lips, or smiles so that his front teeth are visible, then this also indicates his interest in you.

Another study found that men who talk to a woman they find attractive may have increased salivation (as testosterone levels in saliva increase dramatically). Therefore, if you feel that the man next to you is swallowing more than usual or his salivation increases, this can be one of the clear signs that he is not indifferent to you.

2. His body language

When taking a closer look at non-verbal cues, it’s essential to understand what your man’s body language is talking about. The position where a man sits with his legs apart can be annoying on public transport, but this is already a good sign when he does this while communicating with you. This non-verbal signal indicates his interest in you – that is, he is open to you.

Active gestures also indicate that it is vital for a man to impress you. If his hands’ movements seem somewhat exaggerated, he subconsciously wants to attract your attention, demonstrating his relaxedness and strength. The freer his posture (that is, the more space he takes in length), the more pronounced his desire to show his importance and win your favor.

3. His gaze and the distance between you

Another unmistakable indicator of his interest is that he seeks to close the distance between you. For example, if someone else joins your conversation with him, he will instinctively approach you. His desire to maintain eye contact with you is also a reliable signal. And this is not just that – if a couple of people constantly look into each other’s eyes, then this has a striking effect on their perception of each other.

If a man does not miss the opportunity to put his hand on your shoulder or lightly touch your hand with his palm, this is a clear sign of his interest. Tactile communication is essential for a man in love.

4. He listens to you

When a person is very interested in you, he listens to you without being distracted by extraneous factors. This behavior is both a way he wants to win you over and an opportunity to show that you are of great importance to him. If he remembers all the topics you talked about and reminds you of your answers’ most minor details, he is definitely in love with you.

5. He compliments you

It would seem obvious. Research from the University of Kansas confirms that a man always finds a way to compliment the woman he sympathizes with. This is a kind of way to confess your love and admiration without uttering the frank phrase “I love you”.

Pay attention to what kind of compliments the man gives – do they relate to your physical characteristics or inner qualities? Of course, both speak of his attraction to you, but if he focuses only on external data in his praises, then his interest in you is most likely limited to them. Compliments to your kindness, sincerity, and dedication indicate that he truly values and cares about you.

6. He asks you personal questions

A man in love wants to know more about the woman he has sympathy for. It’s great if he asks you many questions, but the context is just as important as the number. For example, a man interested in you will want to know your opinion on any issues, your interests, and aspirations.

Asking you personal questions, he not only hopes to get to know you better but also seeks a deeper inner connection between you.

7. He includes you in his plans

Another clear indicator of his interest in you is that he seeks to fit you into his plans. He does not try to look hard to reach, does not play “cat and mouse,” does not force you to constantly take the initiative into your own hands, and he does everything to spend time with you. He quickly responds to your messages, answers call (only if he is not out of range or does not participate in necessary negotiations). In short, he does not disappear, requiring decisive action from you, but initiates further communication at any convenient opportunity.

The time he sends you messages also matters. If your communication is gaining momentum, then a good sign of his interest is the time of messages sent to you between 12.00 and 17.00. it means that he waited some time after the start of the day not to distract you from your work, but he also wrote not too late – before you had time to feel insignificant and underappreciated.

8. He familiarizes you with his friends and family

Meeting essential people in his life is another sign that he is in love with you and has serious intentions. An invitation to meet friends and family not only allows him to show you a different side of himself but also helps him introduce you to his future – among those who are dear to him, in a familiar environment. The man wants to see how you will interact with his loved ones to understand for himself whether you have the potential for life together.

Also, by introducing you to his friends and family, he hopes to know their impressions of you. If their opinion is meaningful to him, then further invitations to family events and meetings with his friends undoubtedly, indicate that he is earnest.

9. He fulfills your minor requests and comes to the rescue in a difficult situation.

A man who tries his utmost to do something nice for you cares about you. Whether it is a morning coffee bought especially for you or setting up a new program on your laptop at your request – with such small actions, he expresses his affection for you. And he does it not because he owes you but of his own free will.

10. His words convey his attitude towards you

The best way to understand how a man feels about you is to pay attention to what he says to you. Even if he doesn’t tell the cherished words “I love you,” they may be implied in something else. The phrase “I miss you” said by a man confirms that you are an essential person in his life that he wouldn’t want to part with.

Besides, a man in love usually worries about your well-being and expresses his concern. For example, he will remind you to put on a raincoat before going out because it is cold outside, or he will ask you to tell you when you get home to make sure you are safe. The most straightforward requests and phrases that we rarely attach importance to are significant for understanding the relationship’s essence.

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