Signs you are true to yourself

Each person wants to be himself and not be embarrassed by his shortcomings or copy other people’s opinions, behavior, and appearance. But, unfortunately, everyone comes to this at different periods of life. Someone finds himself in adolescence and feels freedom and inner harmony only by retirement.

Be that as it may, in your case, it is important not to miss the beginning of this process and to support yourself as much as possible. Several signs indicate that you are gradually becoming yourself. They will tell you that you are moving in the right direction.

10 signs you are true to yourself

1. You tell the truth, even if it’s difficult

Signs you are true to yourself

In most cases, telling the truth is embarrassing, uncomfortable, and scary. Therefore, many people are afraid to express their opinion, remain honest with the interlocutor, to contradict the views adopted in a particular company. It is much easier to remain a person who will share someone else’s point of view, keep silent, and lie not to offend anyone.

When you become yourself and get rid of the stereotypes of thinking and behavior imposed on you, you begin to do what you think is right. If you understand that you must tell the truth for your own good or because, having heard it, a person can rethink his words and actions.

2. You are not afraid to disappoint anyone

You become yourself when you stop worrying about whether you live up to other people’s expectations or not. You finally realize that by trying to earn the love and respect of others, you will only lose yourself. You will have to go against yourself, refuse to satisfy your needs, fulfill your desires, push the achievement of your goals into the background or adjust these very goals to fit into someone else’s framework.

Only by getting rid of the fear of disappointing the people around you, you become a truly free person in your decisions and actions. You no longer have to compare them with other people’s opinions. The only person who controls what you do is yourself.

3. You do what you used to be afraid of

When you try to pretend to be someone that you really are not, you try to be as careful as possible in your actions. You worry that the people around you will see your feelings, think that you are not strong enough, and be disappointed. So instead of taking justified risks and trying your hand at something new, you lock yourself into your comfort zone.

As soon as you don’t care how someone else perceives you, and it finally dawns on you that it’s impossible to be happy without showing yourself, you begin to act decisively. You do what you have always been afraid of, giving yourself the right to make mistakes and realizing that at first, you can look stupid and funny in the eyes of others.

4. You believe in yourself

Signs you are true to yourself

When you are true to yourself, it is much easier for you to start believing in yourself and your strengths. You stop depending on the opinions of others, stop taking their criticism too close to your heart, try to support yourself, and motivate yourself to make some positive changes. You treat yourself kinder, allow yourself to make mistakes, and do not demand a perfect result from yourself. In most cases, this is the key to success.

5. You accept your flaws

Contrary to popular belief, you do not become yourself when you get your body and mind in perfect shape and become the best version of yourself. Obsession with this only prevents you from building normal self-esteem and correctly positioning yourself in communication with people around you. You always find yourself dissatisfied with the results and strive for indicators that will be far from real life.

When you can accept yourself with all your shortcomings, it will mean that you become true to yourself. More precisely, you stop hating a significant part of yourself, being ashamed of your dissimilarity to others, and looking for reasons why other people can treat you disrespectfully. You understand that you deserve love no less than the rest, despite all your weaknesses, negative emotions, features of appearance, and habits.

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6. You are not shy about talking about what is important to you

If you are not afraid to express yourself, you can openly talk with a person about what is important to you. And none of his reactions will make you shut up, feel ashamed of your principles and interests, or change your mind.

You perfectly understand that all people are different, and none of them should support you, share your hobbies or have a desire to listen to what you want to talk about. But this does not stop you, and you will not be silent when it comes to something really important.

7. You demand respect

Signs you are true to yourself

The people around you may or may not respect you; it’s their choice. But a respectful attitude is an indicator of a person’s upbringing. Whoever is in front of you, it is important to remain as calm and patient as possible, not to get personal, not to allow yourself to be sarcastic, and treat the interlocutor with disdain.

If you comply with all of the above, you also have the right to demand respect for yourself. In cases where a person ignores your dissatisfaction and continues to communicate with you so that you experience discomfort, dare to end the conversation immediately.

8. You are direct about what you need

Another obvious sign that you are true to yourself is the ability to tell a person what you need directly. You no longer try to get what you want with the help of manipulations; you don’t use hints; you don’t wait for the person to guess what you want from him.

You just come and tell how you can be helped in a particular situation, what actions or words you expect from the interlocutor, what can make you happy, etc.

It is important to understand that people do not read your thoughts at all and, in principle, should not understand your hints or track something in your speech or behavior. If you need something, there are plenty of ways to let the person know what they can do for you.

9. You lose people from your environment

This is not pleasant, but knowing yourself and getting rid of everything that was imposed on you from the outside is accompanied by the loss of people whom you could consider your loved ones for a long time. Not everyone will be happy with your changes. And this does not mean at all that you are changing for the worse. It will just be more difficult for some people to manipulate you; they will feel like they are losing power over you, and you will no longer be as convenient for them as before.

In addition, you will understand that with many, you were connected only by some bad habits, such as the desire to drink, discuss someone, and complain to each other about your life. As soon as you no longer need this, these people will no longer need to communicate with you. Take it as calmly as possible; you have nothing to lose. You are freed from the negative influence of your environment.

10. You become more tolerant of others

When you are true to yourself and learn to accept yourself as anyone, even imperfect ones, you become more tolerant towards others. What annoys you in other people is exactly what you are trying to hide in yourself. For example, if you were once shamed for laughing too loudly and trying to be as quiet as possible, you will get angry at the sight of the most open and emotional people.

When you allow yourself to do what you want and do not expect approval from others, you become much more loyal to others.

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