Silver King ‘Mexican wrestler’ dies during a fight in ring

Silver King, a Mexican wrestler died during a show in London last night after he collapsed in the ring due to suspected cardiac arrest. It’s the 51-year-old wrestler, who used to struggle at the World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Cesar Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez Barron, as his official name is, was also seen as a bad guy in the film Nacho Libre with actor Jack Black.

Silver King performed on Saturday in the Camden district. The organizers of the lucha libre show confirm the death of the wrestler. According to the Camden New Journal newspaper, his fellow wrestlers did not immediately notice the seriousness of the situation.

Silver King 'Mexican wrestler' dies during a fight in ring
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Silver King fell to the floor after kicking the side of his body. He was turned around, after which the referee counted down. When it became clear that Silver King was no longer conscious, a medical team ran into the ring. The public encouraged the wrestler with the words ‘Silver, Silver’ before they were asked to leave the premises.

After his death, the statements of support came in via social media, among other things.

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