Singer Mzbel: “Ghanaian men treat women as slaves”

Popular Ghanaian singer Mzbel, whose real name is Nana Akua Amoahhas, said she did not want to marry legally because Ghanaian men treated women as slaves.

According to Mzbel, it’s so pathetic that most men behave as if they buy their wives and therefore treat them anyhow.

Addressing Mustapha on Attractive TV, she said that women serve many people. Quoting some Bible verses stating that women should be subject to their husbands, but that she personally is not ready to follow this order and does not believe in the Bible.

Singer Mzbel: "Ghanaian men treat women as slaves"

The singer, Mzbel further explained that she could not go through the ordeal of reporting each of her activities to her husband, asking permission to go out to the hair salon, parties and night clubs.

The Ghanaian singer Mzbel insisted that all of this was dramatic for her, but she likes being her own boss and can have sex anytime because she has a boyfriend but will never get married because the marriage is not for everyone.

Singer Mzbel: "Ghanaian men treat women as slaves"

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