5 best ways to sleep your child

Encouraging a child to get into bed on time is often easier said than done. Moreover, studies show that more children can be more easily sleep through the use of social media for bedtime.

Experts give 5 tips that will immediately send your child to dreamland.

1. Say no to electronic devices

Young people and children are increasingly confronted with sleep problems, which showed on researched by NHS Digital and The Guardian. A way to tackle the problem? Ensure that children are no longer busy with their mobile phones, tablets and computers just before they crawl under the wool.

“It can be tempting to let them relax in front of the television or a tablet, but the blue light coming from these devices can have a negative effect on their sleep,” says Neil Robinson, sleep expert. A half hour before they go to bed no longer use electronic devices immediately creates a sleep-friendly zone.

2. Choose a punctual bedtime

It can be difficult for a child to sleep when they go to bed each time at another hour. A bedtime and morning routine can help according to Joy Richards, sleep specialist. “I always say that routine is the most important part of a child’s lifestyle.”

Try to make a routine so that your child also automatically knows when it is time to go to bed or to get up. Sending a child to bed prematurely is also out of the question according to various experts. In this way, a certain number of sleeping hours can also be observed at any age.

3. Provide rest

A child is overflowing with imagination, which must be encouraged before they crawl under the wool. Make sure they are calm and think about anything and everything: their favourite holiday, a nice hobby, etc.

Once they feel comfortable in bed, you turn off the lights and leave the room. They will now think of nice moments and fall asleep in a positive way.

4. Think about what they eat

Sugared or fatty snacks are better left for bedtime, because they can sometimes cause an unwanted energy boost to come up.

5. A good bed

If all the above tips do not work, there may be another problem that will cause the shoe to pinch. A bad bed is not fun for anyone. A good mattress is therefore also important for the little ones in the house.

Experts recommend buying a harder mattress for children. Their body still needs to grow and needs extra support.

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