Slovenian (22) sawed off her hand to collect about $1 million

A 22-year-old Slovenian has been sentenced to two years in prison for fraud after she sawed off her hand in an attempt to get a lot of money from insurance. Her 30-year-old partner, who allegedly brought her to the act, has been sentenced to three years in prison by the court in the capital Ljubljana.

The woman, Julija Adlesic, claimed she lost her hand in a ‘branch cutting accident’ last year. But according to authorities, the twenties staged that ‘accident’ along with three others, and in reality, the hand was consciously sawn off at the wrist, with a circular saw.

Shortly before, the group had taken out life and accident insurance policies with five different companies. The young lady’s friend had also done numerous Internet searches for artificial hands in the days before the “accident.”

Police said the group had further deliberately not taken the hand to the hospital, hoping to receive three times more compensation for permanent disability after an accident. However, the authorities managed to get the hand to the hospital on time, and doctors were able to re-detain it.

The woman hoped, according to police, about $1 million in damages, almost half of which she would receive immediately, and a lifetime monthly benefit. The average monthly net income in Slovenia is about a thousand euros.

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