Smart speakers can help you with your good intentions

Already busy with your good intentions for 2020? Smart speakers from, for example, Google Nest, can best contribute to achieving your good intentions. In this article at a glance, what they can do for you.

Healthier life

Losing weight, going to the gym more often, eating healthier (or a combination thereof) is a number one intention every year. Smart speakers can help with speech commands and routines. A daily reminder to move is easily arranged, but also a recipe booklet on the Google Nest Hub, for help with healthier meals.

You can prepare dinner through the Hub and get help with cooking videos. If you can’t get away with the cooking videos, you can also have your assistant read your recipes step by step. American recipe? Then the assistant can simply convert the spoons and cups to grams and milliliters.

When it comes to sports: with a smart speaker, you can easily create workout routines. For example, they can play a playlist during exercise, set timers for sets or turn on sports videos on your television. This also saves you money: a gym subscription will be 2019 in no time.

Sleep more and (exceptionally) better

With external apps such as Headspace, you can take courses every night before bedtime to improve your sleep. You can also ask your smart speaker to meditate. Just say, “Hey Google, I want to meditate.” And so, you will hear a selection of soothing sounds. If you also have Philips Hue lamps, they will calmly breathe in and out when you switch on the meditation mode.

You can also use those smart Hue lamps with the Google Nest speaker to simulate the natural effects of sunset and sunrise. With the ‘Gentle Wake-up’ mode, the lights gradually become brighter half an hour before the alarm goes off, so that you wake up more naturally. The same can also be done the other way around in the evening, to fall asleep peacefully.

Not really a good intention, but handy with smart lamps: they also make your house a lot safer during the dark days. By turning them on remotely, your house stays lit, even when you are not at home.

Read more books

Many people plan to read more books in the new year. With a smart speaker, you can easily be read from your audiobooks. You can also set a timer here (for example, if you fall asleep easily while reading aloud). Simply say, “Read (book name) for,” and you can start. You do need an external app, such as Audiobooks from Google.

Learn something new

If you want to learn something new, podcasts are often a suitable learning method. Here too: play them on your smart devices. Find a proper podcast or YouTube video and a whole new world will open for you. Are you learning a new language? Then Google Nest also serves as a skilled translation expert. The device knows 44 languages and translates on command.

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