South Africa: 19 people tried after the attack on a mosque in Durban

In South Africa, five months after the attack on a mosque in the northern suburbs of Durban, 19 people are brought to justice. Last May, the attack sparked the concern of the Muslim community, which represents about 2 percent of the South African population.

In early May, three masked men, armed with knives, attack the Verulam Mosque near Durban. They slaughter a worshiper, wounded two officials of the place of worship, including the imam and they flee after setting fire to the library building. Three days later, an improvised explosive device found in the prayer hall of the same mosque is defused by the police.

Since Monday, 19 people appear in court for their alleged involvement in this attack, but also for other incidents. They are accused of laying explosive devices in public places. Nearly all the suspects were arrested last Friday in Durban and its surroundings. And must answer charges of murder, attempted murder, extortion, kidnapping and fire.

According to a police official, the investigation is still ongoing. He refused to confirm whether these attacks were motivated by religious beliefs. Two months after the Verulam incident, a similar attack took place in a mosque in the Cape region.

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