Stalker (30) confesses and says he regrets murder of Humeyra (16)

Bekir E., the Rotterdammer (30) who last December shot the 16-year-old student Humeyra at her school in Rotterdam-West district, is being psychologically examined. He has indicated that he will cooperate with the investigations. Through his lawyers he made it known that he regrets his deed.

Bekir E. was “in limitations” until today, which means that he should only have contact with his lawyers. “Today the restrictions have been lifted and we have spoken with him”, says lawyer Natascha Harlequin who, together with counsel Jacques Taekema, assists the mentally retarded Bekir E.

The 16-year-old Humeyra has been stalked and threatened since September 2017 by her ex-boyfriend Bekir E., with whom she had a short relationship until she discovered that he was older (then 30) than he had told. He also appeared to have a child. In May 2018 she filed a report after he had abused her. The man was convicted for this in August.

Despite the prohibitions imposed by the judge, Bekir E. continued to threaten Humeyra. Yet he was not locked. The parents of the shot girl are considering filing a complaint against the police in Rotterdam. “The police played with us”, declared her sisters in the Algemeen Dagblad (AD) last weekend.

In a written press statement, lawyers Harlequin and Taekema state that their client expresses regret. “It is terrible, I had the right not to do this to Humeyra and her family”, the regrets of E. are summarized. Harlequin and Taekema did not yet have Bekir E. as a client. They do the defence in the trial against Bekir.

©ANP – Forensic police investigates the crime scene.
©ANP – Forensic police investigates the crime scene.

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