Strike in Chad: sixth week of mobilization for civil servants

In Chad, workers begin on Monday, March 5, the sixth week of dry and unlimited strike to protest against the austerity measures decided by the government to deal with financial crisis.

On Thursday, the head of state received union representatives to persuade them to return to work without convincing them.

Last Saturday after a general assembly of restitution, the workers said no to the call for the resumption of work by the head of state.

The N’Djamena Labor Exchange court was full on Saturday, March 3rd, on the occasion of the Extraordinary General Assembly convened by the Labor Platform, which brings together most of the teachers, health staff and officials from other sectors.

public administration mobilized in the protest movement and defense of Chadian public services.

The workers, were informed the meeting of last Thursday, between the Head of State, Idriss Deby, and the representatives of the unions.

According to the report of the spokesperson of the trade union platform claim. “He has done everything so that the workers have at least two meals a day, to prevent all the young people from becoming unemployed and do not integrate massively… And we went from 30,000 civil servants to 92,000. He asks us to accept measures to redress the situation,” says Barka Michel, president of the Union of Chadian Trade Unions.

After the protest, they say, “Now is the time for the war!”.

Finally, workers in the public sector decided to continue from Monday, March 5, the dry and unlimited strike for the sixth week in a row.

And for most trade unionists, you have to go from a passive strike, which consists of simply refusing to work, to an active strike.

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