Study: Pregnant women can transmit coronavirus to babies

A study of 33 pregnant women infected with the coronavirus shows that they can pass on the virus to their child. The babies of three of the women studied were born with Covid-19. This is stated in a study published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics.

The three children were cured of the virus after being treated for the symptoms, the doctors report. One of the babies was born almost nine weeks prematurely and was born with a Caesarean section because his mother had caused pneumonia from Covid-19. The child’s health problems were due to his premature birth and not to his infection with the coronavirus.

“The clinical signs of 33 newborns at or at risk for Covid-19 were mild,” write the two doctors who conducted the study and are pediatricians in Wuhan and Shanghai.

“Since there were strict contamination controls and preventive procedures during labor, the mothers are likely to have passed Covid-19,” it sounds. “It is imperative to screen pregnant women, take strict measures for infection control and quarantine of infected mothers, and implement rigorous monitoring of newborns.”

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