‘Subway Bae’ scores on Twitter with sexy selfie shoot in metro

Her name is Jessica George, but thanks to her exploitation on the New York metro this weekend, she was nicknamed ‘Subway Bae’. The young lady in question was filmed by another passenger on the train as she squirmed herself in all kinds of sexy poses to take the perfect selfie.

Twitter goes wild for ‘Subway Bae’, a roaring name that refers to the metro and to someone who is the first to take action. That is the case for Jessica George and her sexy selfie shoot that gathers enough for 230,000 likes.

What Jessica, wearing a black dress, did not realize during her frivolous poses was that actor Ben Yahr was filming her for a minute.

Yahr threw the video on Twitter with the message: “This woman giving it ALL to the selfie cam”. Apparently, the other passengers are barely interested in what George is up to. They’re not gonna freak her out. “Really, she’s my new queen, I adore her and only her,” it sounds in one of the many comments on Twitter.

Jessica George made herself known to Yahr and thanked him “to brighten up her day.” She also showed the result of her much-discussed shoot on Twitter, on the side she actually intended: frontally.

 Jessica George, was nicknamed ‘Subway Bae’ squirmed herself in all kinds of sexy poses to take the perfect selfie.
©Twitter – Jessica George

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