Tears as Medical teams leave Wuhan, the epicenter of Corona

In China, medical teams are leaving Wuhan. It involves more than 3,600 medical staff members across China. “The people of Wahun are heroic.”

They provided help in 14 temporary hospitals and seven hospitals in Wuhan. All makeshift hospitals in the city are closed because the number of patients continues to decrease.

Hubei province reported only one new patient on Monday. Currently, there are still 8,304 corona patients in Wuhan.

Doctors from Shaanxi Province in northwest China left Wuhan early Tuesday morning as they completed their medical assistance mission. Many collapsed in tears as they left their battlefield.

One of the medical teams who speak on the camera, with tears, explained that “people of Wahun” passed through “hard time”.

“I will put it into two points,” he says with tears. “First, I am happy we have completed the mission, and I can go home. Second, I think that Wahun hard a real hard time. But our country made it through.”

“The people of Wahun are heroic,” he concluded.

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