Telegram ridiculed WhatsApp for its new policy

The messenger Telegram published an image on Twitter mocking the competing service WhatsApp. This came amid the introduction of a new privacy policy for the platform.

The image shows the evolution of the trash can icon in the Windows operating system. However, after the last icon from Windows 10, there is a similar picture, but with the WhatsApp logo instead of the “trash” icon, and with the Facebook logo among the trash.

The image appeared the day before WhatsApp’s new privacy rules were introduced.

Back in March, notifications about new usage rules and privacy policies began to appear in the WhatsApp app. Those who don’t agree with them will have their access restricted.

According to a message on the tech support site, the updated WhatsApp policy must be adopted by May 15, 2021. They say that the management of the service will transfer data about customers to Facebook, although previously promised not to do so.

At the same time, the day before, the press service of the messenger said that users would be given a few weeks after May 15 before disconnecting from the system. The work of the services for people who disagree with the new rules will be limited gradually.

First, the notification of the need to agree to the new rules will not be closed. This means that the functionality of sending messages and calls will remain, but only in response to a similar action by another person. After a few weeks, these functions will become completely blocked.

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