The 15 suspects that have killed journalist Jamal Kashoggi [Photos]

The Turkish authorities release images of surveillance cameras on which the fifteen Saudis are suspected of involvement in the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This is what we know about them.

Khashoggi, who was often critical of the Sudanese government and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, went into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October and was tortured and killed there. Saudi Arabia in the meantime confirms the death of Khashoggi, but according to the country he was killed when a battle broke out between the journalist and the people who received him.

According to the Turkish authorities, however, the Saudi government sent a fifteen-strong team to Istanbul to kill Khashoggi on the day the journalist disappeared. The government-oriented Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah published the first photos of the suspects.

The Turkish authorities also provided the Washington Post with copies of the passports of the suspects, or information about their passports, on the day that Khashoggi disappeared. The passports have been scanned that day. The Post could also link people to telephone numbers via the Arabic ‘caller id’ MenoM3ay app. After the investigation, five members of the team suspecting by the Turkish authorities of the killing of Khashoggi in recent years traveled to the United States during visits by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

This suggests that the men are members of the Saudi Royal Guard, and therefore also the possible involvement of the crown prince. Twelve of the fifteen men also seem to have links with the Saudi security services, according to their reports on social media, e-mails and previous reports in local media and other material that Washington Post has received. Via MenoM3ay, two of the men are also repeatedly identified as employees in the office of the crown prince.

The men flew from Saudi Arabia to Turkey in two planes. HZ-SK2 departed in the late hours of October 1 in Riyadh and HZ-SK1 early in the morning the next day. This is an overview of what we know about them, based on the Washington Post research and reports from Turkish, Saudi and American media.

1. Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb

This 47-year-old high-ranking employee of the Saudi intelligence service is the presumed key figure in the case. He would be a specialist in technology to hack phones in order to keep track of employees and opponents.


He would also have worked in London for two years at the Saudi embassy and accompanied Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on trips to the US, France and Spain.

The airport of Madrid, April this year, with left Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, right Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
©epa / Image editing: de Volkskrant The airport of Madrid, April this year, with left Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, right crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to the time indications on the images, Mutreb arrived at the consulate around 13:15.

2. Salah Muhammed A Tubaigy

47-year-old Tubaigy says on social media that he is the head of forensic evidence in the security department of the Saudi Ministry of the Interior. He went to the university in Glasgow and was once a visiting forensic pathologist at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Melbourne, Australia.

He would have cut Khashoggi’s body into pieces and would have told people to listen to music when they did the act.

Salah Muhammed A. Tubaigy.
 ©rv Salah Muhammed A. Tubaigy.

3. Thaar Ghaleb T. Alharbi

The 39-year old Alharbi has the same name as someone who was promoted last year to Lieutenant Colonel in the Saudi Army, is in an article by The Middle East Eye. He was so rewarded for his role in stopping attack on the Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah. In 2015 he traveled with a royal delegation to America for a summit in Camp David.

Thaar Ghaleb T. Alharbi.
 ©EPA Thaar Ghaleb T. Alharbi.

4. Meshal Saad M Albostani

The 31-year-old Albostani resembles the person behind a now-removed Facebook profile of a man recently promoted to lieutenant with the Saudi Air Force. He studied at the University of Louisville but died in a car accident after he had flown from Turkey back to his homeland.

Meshal Saad M. Albostani.
 ©rv Meshal Saad M. Albostani.

5. Naif Hassan S. Alarifi

This 32-year-old man, too, would have removed his Facebook profile and said he was an employee of the Saudi special forces. The profile contained photographs of the man in a military uniform and with firearms in his hand.

Naif Hassan S. Alarifi.
 ©rv Naif Hassan S. Alarifi.

6. Muhammed Saad H. Alzahrani

The 30-year-old Alzahrani was identified as a member of the Saudi Royal Guard by a user of MenoM3ay. He has a photo on the side of the Crown Prince during a meeting of a tribal leader from Yemen in Riyadh in April 2017. He denies that he was in Turkey during the disappearance of Khashoggi.

Mohammed Saad H. Alzahrani.
 ©rv Mohammed Saad H. Alzahrani.

7. Mansour Othman M.  Abahussain

The 46-year-old  Abahussain, the man in the white shirt, is a lieutenant colonel and assistant officer of Saudi civilian protection.

Mansour Othman M. Abahussain.
 rv Mansour Othman M. Abahussain.

8. Khalid Aedh G. Alotaibi

Alotaibi is the 30-year-old man in the gray shirt on the left. Someone with this name traveled to the United States during three visits of the Saudi royal family. On MenoM3ay he is marked with the symbol of the Saudi Royal Guard.

Khalid Aedh G. Alotaibi.
 ©rv Khalid Aedh G. Alotaibi.

9. Abdulaziz Mohammed M. Alhawsawi

According to a user of MenoM3ay, the 31-year-old Alhawsawi was identified as a member of the Saudi Royal Guard.

Abdulaziz Mohammed M. Alhawsawi.
 ©rv Abdulaziz Mohammed M. Alhawsawi.

10. Waleed Abdullah M. Alsehri

Someone with the name of this 38-year-old was promoted to major with the Saudi Air Force last year. He also appears in YouTubevideo’s in which he reads poetry.

Waleed Abdullah M. Alsehri.
© AFP Waleed Abdullah M. Alsehri.

11. Fahad Shabib A. Albalawi

The 33-year-old Albalawi was also identified by two users of MenoM3ay as a member of the Saudi Royal Guard.

Fahad Shabib A. Albalawi.
 ©AFP Fahad Shabib A. Albalawi.

12. Mustafa Muhammed M. Almadani

The 57-year-old works for the Saudi intelligence services, registering four MenoM3ay users.

Mustafa Muhammed M. Almadani.
 ©AFP Mustafa Muhammed M. Almadani.

13. Saif Saad Q Alqahtani

This 45-year-old works for the crown prince, saw several people through MenoM3ay.

Saif Saad Q Alqahtani.
 ©AFP Saif Saad Q Alqahtani.

14. Türki Müşerref M. Alsehri

Nothing is known about this man, only that he would be 36 years old.

Türki Müşerref M. Alsehri.
 ©AFP Türki Müşerref M. Alsehri.

15. Badr Lafi M. Alotaibi

There is also no information available about Alotaibi beyond his age of 45 years.

Badr Lafi M. Alotaibi.
 ©AFP Badr Lafi M. Alotaibi.

Source: Washington Post, Business Insider

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