The Algerian Navy would have a new Russian-made submarine

Russia handed over to Algeria a new Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine that was built at Saint Petersburg shipyards, the Russian media group Mil.Press announced.

A submarine with diesel-electric propulsion Kilo-class Russian left November 25 shipyards in St. Petersburg. Where it was built for the Algerian army, announced the Russian media Non-state group Mil.Press.

The submarine is accompanied by the Algerian al-Munjid who was stationed in the Russian port of Kronstadt while waiting for the submarine, adds the same source.

Still according to this media, which refers to Western sites following the movement of ships. The submarine was the next day off the coast of Estonia and was flying the flag of Algeria. An unnamed source in the Russian shipbuilding sector told the media group that the submarine had been handed over to the client. And said that his registration number in the Algerian Naval Forces would be 032.

It was during the visit of the Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army, Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, to Moscow in 2013.That the decision to buy the two submarines was taken, had previously announced the Menadefense military information site.

Project 636

Named “black hole” by NATO experts for its discretion, the versatile diesel-electric submarine project 636 Varchavianka (Improved Kilo, according to NATO code) belongs to the 3rd generation of submarines. It has a displacement of 2,350 tons in surface and 3,950 tons in diving and a speed of 17 to 20 nodes. The submarine has 45 days of autonomy and is designed to dive to 300 meters. It can be equipped with four Kalib missiles, 18 torpedoes of 533 mm (six tubes) and 24 mines. Its crew includes 52 submariners.

Many foreign countries are willing to buy Project 636 submarines. Currently, Kilo-class submarines are in service in the Algerian, Chinese, Indian, Iranian and Vietnamese navies.

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