The ancient civilization of the Titans

The Titans were a prehistoric society that existed thousands of years ago! There was once a race of humans on the world who were almost as powerful as the gods, according to the most ancient traditions, myths, folklore, and sagas of many different cultures. This race was described as being almost equal to the gods in their might. The Titans were the name given to this particular race. They are mentioned in all of the world’s faiths and beliefs. Is it a work of fiction or fact? Experts are inclined to assume that this is correct.

After all, how else can one explain the fact that certain tales and myths are virtually verbatim repeated among the most various peoples and tribes, separated by seas and oceans, and that some legends and myths are practically verbatim repeated among the most diverse peoples and tribes? And how can you explain the startling resemblance between the stories of the horrible disasters that came close to destroying our planet in the past?

As a result, there are many tales about giants, both in Tibet and in the Scandinavian nations. According to tales, the giants had knowledge on a scale that even current science has not yet attained in its entirety. Take, for example, Atlas, who made the mysteries of astronomy known to the general public.

Surprisingly, the architecture of the planet is identical to the construction of the solar system. It has two temples, which represent the planets Uranus and Pluto, both of which were found only in the twenty-first century by astronomers. Titans, according to the Old Testament, were created as a consequence of the mingling of bloodlines; they were descended from the union of “human daughters” and “sons of God,” respectively.

Along with the Bible and myths from many cultures, they are mentioned in the Koran and mythologized versions of Greek history, among other places. You can get a sense of the larger picture from the countless myths and stories concerning the Titans. For example, titans, according to mythology, had incredible strength and might. As a result of this power, massive structures throughout the globe, such as Stonehenge, the City of the Gods, the Egyptian Sphinx, Teotihuacan, and many more, have risen to prominence.

For example, at the foot of the Baalbek terrace are three massive stones, each weighing 700 tons and forming the basis of the terrace. Astonishing precision was achieved in fitting them to one another — literally to the millimeter.

And this is an impossible undertaking, even with the most advanced building equipment available. Simply moving one such block would need the mobilization of an army of 40-50 thousand people.

It is impossible for entirely diverse peoples from all over the globe to have myths and stories that are identical to one another in which giants seem to be a coincidence. Perhaps it is founded on genuine facts that have been handed down from generation to generation in the form of stories about humans who stand five meters tall.

In old historical texts, a variety of discoveries have been documented, all of which attest to the truth of the presence in the distant past of a race of colossal creatures.

Ancient stories claim that Titans were also responsible for the construction of massive megalithic buildings in the Caucasus, known as dolmens. There are a slew of urban legends about this. According to certain traditions, great battles were conducted there many millennia ago – giants battled against the gods, according to the narrative.

During this fight, the giants were tasked with constructing protective stone constructions that were intended to strike fear into the hearts of their adversaries. Despite the fact that scientists are doubtful of this narrative, there is evidence to suggest that the builders were, in fact, humans with exceptionally large statures. Pillbox-like structures, both on the surface and inside, characterize the complex. A defense function for the dolmens is probable, and they may have also served as a location for the performance of religious rituals.

It is the precision with which the stones were put together during the building of dolmens that is the most impressive. The plates are a fantastic match for one another. Nowadays’ “architects” are not always able to display the same level of craftsmanship.

However, the “Lunar” dolmen atop Mount Nexis, which is comprised of L-shaped bricks that are clearly of artificial origin, is the most astounding of them all. Scientists are baffled as to how precisely all of this was constructed. Dolmens, in the eyes of the locals, serve as a type of connection between Heaven and Earth. They come to the dolmens and, clinging to them, stand for a lengthy period of time – absorbing the energy they contain.


As a result, certain ancient humans acquired the ability to move massive stones and put them together with incredible precision; their building talents are still praised today by even the most advanced professionals. To put it another way, it seems that mankind has completely forgotten about some great civilization that flourished many thousands of years ago. In fact, it is only via the traditions of diverse peoples that the echoes of those events have survived.

According to Pavel N., a native of the Gelendzhik area, researchers discovered massive bones in his town. They were excavating a medieval necropolis when they discovered something they shouldn’t have discovered. After then, the mission was abruptly canceled.

The dig site was completely ruined, and the scientists never returned to the settlement. In some ways, these occurrences are reminiscent to the events that took place in another part of our world, in the archipelago of Nan Madol. Scientists have been aware of this location since 1585, but they have yet to come up with a satisfactory explanation for the “Venice of the Pacific Ocean” to this day.

On a comparative size, this edifice is comparable to the Egyptian pyramids. A total of 92 islands have been painstakingly constructed on coral foundations. The highest point of the greatest of these islands is 8 meters above sea level. Some of the stones used in the construction of the towers and walls weigh more than 500 tons.

The identities of those responsible for moving millions of tons of stone, constructing docks, fortifications, and channel breaking remain a mystery. Scientists are attempting to “forget” about the presence of these islands, according to the Associated Press. It is practically hard to determine the age of the stones since they are so large.

The stories of the indigenous of Oceania tell of several giants who were responsible for the construction of Nan Madol. Scientists are suspicious about this; nonetheless, despite this pessimism, these giants have been identified and are now being studied. According to the renowned archaeologist Erich von Daniken, an American group of archaeologists uncovered exceptionally massive human bones on the island in the 1960s of the twentieth century.

And as a result, the job was immediately suspended. According to the author, the bones were simply buried, and further investigation was put on hold as a result. In the Caucasus, the very same situation occurred.

Some scientists today are prepared to reject what has been referred to as the “classical” history of humans, claiming that there are too much data to support this view. These are the pyramids of Egypt, which were reputedly built entirely by hand, as well as the 200-ton stones of Machu Picchu and the 500-800-ton blocks from which Baalbek was constructed all of which weigh hundreds of tons.

Between these two extremes, stories and legends, which are the primordial memory of humanity, can clarify many issues that science has been unable to fully explain. A good example is a mythological conflict between the titans and the gods, which is told in the tales of Ancient Greece.

It is possible to find traces of fingers in butter on the Caucasian dolmens, which are comparable to those seen on human fingers in butter. It seems as if the stones were subjected to very high temperatures. Perhaps in the middle of that imaginary conflict?

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