The Bermuda anomaly – Ghost ships of Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras is located near the Bermuda Triangle. This place has long been considered dead. Here, you can observe a very rare natural phenomenon, extremely dangerous. Nowhere else on the planet does what happens here occur.

The warm Gulf Stream prevents the free mooring of ships to Hatteras Island from the north. On the other hand, it is also difficult to get close to the island, the North Atlantic Current and cold streams of water interfere. Not far from the cape, they sometimes collide. Because of this, this area was nicknamed the cemetery of the Antarctic.

Suddenly, tons of water fly up to the sky, immediately disappear, or for a few seconds, they allow themselves to be admired. Because of these collisions, the coastline of the island changes its contours, being eaten by waves generated by explosions underwater.

The temperature difference leads to the fact that steam is released, and the column of water looks even more intimidating. If, at the time of the collision, a ship sails in this place, it can also be thrown into the sky. But it is more likely that it will go to the bottom.

Ghost ships of Cape Hatteras

The illustration of the ghost ships of Cape Hatteras
The illustration of the ghost ships of Cape Hatteras

Sometimes, columns of water rising up expose the seabed of the coastline. Locals claim that at such moments you can see sunken ancient ships. They really died here a lot. It is unlikely that they survived, despite the fact that many years have passed. The phenomenon, which locals sometimes observe, is probably an optical illusion.

The soaring Gulf Stream, the southern haze covering the horizon most of the time, worsens visibility. Around the cape, there is often a dome of fog, drops of water, small particles of sand. At these moments, the mirage appears.

Disappeared colony

Rumor has it that the shooting of some episodes of the American film “Collision with the Abyss” took place at Cape Hatteras. Not only the similarity of natural weather conditions with the apocalyptic inspire the directors to travel. Perhaps the film crew came here for rare shots, ghost ships, or the spirits of dead colonists.

Illustration of the disappeared colony
Illustration of the disappeared colony

The first settlement of the inhabitants of the New World on the island of Hatteras disappeared without a trace. They’ve only been here for a few months. Sailors who sailed to resupply found that they had abandoned their belongings and houses as if they had left the island on another ship. But no ship sailed to this island before them, except perhaps a pirate one.

Visiting Cape Hatteras, diving to the ocean floor, finding ancient ships, treasures, seeing the rarest natural phenomena is the dream of many diving and extreme sports enthusiasts. The mystic and the skeptic will love it here. It is important to remember that this is one of the most dangerous places on the planet. The climate is changing dramatically, the elements are merciless. Only by maintaining vigilance, attentiveness, it will be possible to escape in a timely manner from a hurricane or tsunami, the consequences of the collision of two powerful ocean currents.

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