What is happening in the Bermuda Triangle: Where technology and people disappear

Bermuda Triangle occupies about 140,000 square miles and is located in the Atlantic Ocean. This mysterious place on the planet is still covered by a veil of mystery and unexplained disappearances.

Despite the development of high technology globally, scientists throw up their hands, not fully understanding what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle. However, versions are explaining the phenomenon. In his book “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery”, the American Larry Kusche explained the phenomenon, excluding hoaxes. Journalists probably helped inflate the story to such proportions.

Bermuda Triangle location

This place is located in the Atlantic Ocean and covers about 140,000 square miles. The Triangle area is located between Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda. If you consider the placement of the Hell Circle in relation to America, it is east of the Florida coast.

Bermuda Triangle location
Bermuda Triangle location

What happens in the Bermuda Triangle?

About 2,000 pieces of equipment and a large number of people have disappeared in these places over the centuries. Interestingly, unexplained disappearances have been observed within this triangle and beyond its immediate borders.

The mystery is that everyone who disappeared simply vanished into thin air. A sudden fog could have swallowed them up. Equipment would abruptly refuse to work, and the planes would simply fall into the sea. The ship with the people was sucked into the funnel that had formed in the water.

What is happening in the Bermuda Triangle: Where technology and people disappear
Bermuda Triangle

In fact, all these are only speculation on how everything disappears. All that remains is to state the fact of the disappearance without a trace.

How scientists explain mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

There are many hypotheses used to explain the mystical disappearances in these places

  1. The fact is that the first culprits of many shipwrecks are reefs and shoals. Just in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, there are many of them. If a wooden ship ran aground, it could easily sink. The same fate could await all other ships of modern times.
  2. Perhaps it was the high-frequency infrasound, which negatively affected the human brain. It caused uncontrollable panic and fear, which drove people crazy and made them throw themselves overboard. This is why the passengers and crew of the ships could not be located.
  3. The release of large amounts of methane led to a decrease in the density of seawater. Because of the large number of gas bubbles, the ships could not hold on to the water and simply sank. On entering the atmosphere, the methane was cutting it open. This had a detrimental effect on the engines of airplanes, and they went down.
  4. The disappearance could have been due to “stray waves”. This phenomenon has indeed been discovered in the Bermuda Triangle. However, it has not yet been possible to determine how they are formed and what factors determine their appearance. The waves can reach a height of 30-35 meters and appear out of nowhere.
Release of methane gases
Release of methane gases. ©Daily Express

A more accepted version among scientists is seismic activity at the bottom of the triangle, which causes magnetic fluctuations. This disrupts the operation of the instruments and leads to death.

How Christopher Columbus was able to overcome the dangerous place

The ominous fame of the Bermuda Triangle came many centuries ago. The Sargasso Sea was considered a graveyard for ships, which sailors dubbed the “Witch’s Sea” and feared as “fire”. The traveler Christopher Columbus was the pioneer of these places and managed to describe some of the strange things that happened to his crew. He succeeded in crossing the Sargasso Sea in September 1492. His way was to the shores of America.

In his diary, Columbus wrote about all the unnatural phenomena of these places. The first thing he noticed was the displacement of the compass needle. All along, it had been pointing to Polaris, but suddenly it jumped sharply to the northwest.

The uncertainty frightened the whole crew. After all, this had never happened before. Without a compass, they might even lose their way, and that would be certain death. Then another egregious situation occurred. A huge “tongue of flame” fell not far from them, and a violent storm suddenly broke out. It could have been a meteor.

Despite all the strangeness of the Sargasso Sea, Christopher Columbus’s crew managed to anchor off the Bahamas and return home. True, it took a whole year to do so.

Victims of the Bermuda Triangle, how many there were?

Probably, in the Bermuda Triangle, ships and people had previously disappeared, but what was happening was not given special mystical significance. It is even more difficult to give the exact number of missing ships, planes, and people. According to preliminary data over the past few centuries, the Bermuda Triangle was able to pick up about 2 thousand units of ships and planes, and a large number of people

What is happening in the Bermuda Triangle: Where technology and people disappear
  1. The first case of mystical disappearance of crew and passengers at Bermuda Triangle occurred on the ship “Rosalia”. It was discovered in 1840. However, with the ship fully equipped, not a single living soul was on it.
  2. The disappearance in 1918 of the USS Cyclops, a naval heavyweight, was striking. Over 300 passengers and crew literally disappeared into the sea abyss.
  3. The disappearance of an entire convoy of five torpedo bombers in 1945 without a trace puzzled many people. It was a training flight, and the only experienced pilot was Lieutenant Taylor. It was later possible to decipher the conversations of the pilots before their deaths. They were disoriented entirely in the air for some reason, their compasses behaving strangely.
Missing passengers on the ship “Rosalia”
Missing passengers on the ship “Rosalia”. ©wiki2

These are only isolated stories among the many that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. Many of those who disappeared back then will never be able to tell you what happened and where everyone went. Perhaps they went to parallel dimensions, remaining there forever.

Did Larry Kusche’s book clarify the magic of the Bermuda Triangle?

The mysteries of this unusual place on the planet have worried many scientists and just ordinary people. One of them, American Larry D. Kusche, in 1975 devoted a whole book to this topic, “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery”. Kusche was not a scientist but only a bibliographer and instructor pilot. He believed that the Bermuda Triangle or Hell Circle is not a mystical place, and everything that happens there can be logically explained.

He worked in the library and noticed that visitors were very interested in books about this supernatural place. Larry began collecting any information that had anything to do with the subject. It took him several years to write the book.

Kusche spent this time working hard in archives and libraries, studying whole piles of documents. He also consulted the records of investigations into mysterious disappearances conducted by the Coast Guard, the US Air Force and the Lloyd’s Insurance Company (a world-famous organization at the time). It was not without eyewitness accounts, which helped to see the real errors and inaccuracies in the disappearances described in newspaper articles.

Larry Kusche’s book made it possible to look at the mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle from a different angle. According to the author, every case of disappearance could be explained, excluding hoaxes.

Lawrence Kusche's book and the Bermuda Triangle
Lawrence Kusche’s book and the Bermuda Triangle

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