“Devil’s Sea”: The mystery about the Bermuda Triangle

How did the mystery about the Bermuda Triangle originate? The first reports of unexplained events occurring in the Bermuda Triangle date back to the middle of the 19th century.

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or Dragon’s Triangle continues to attract public attention for the second century. The anomaly, which is allegedly located in an area in the Atlantic Ocean, bounded by a triangle, the peaks of which are Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, are blamed for the mysterious disappearances of 50 ships and 20 aircraft.

The mystery about the Bermuda Triangle
The mystery about the Bermuda Triangle

The exact number of ships and aircraft that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle is unknown, writes Express. At the same time, the wreckage of many ships and aircraft was never found.

The Ellen Austin was sailing from London to New York in 1881 when the crew noticed a bareboat sailing ship sailing in the Bermuda Triangle. Captain “Ellen Austin” gave the order to take the discovered ship in tow. But soon, the ships were lost due to a sea storm.

One of the most famous mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle is associated with the ship “Maria Celeste”. In 1872, a ship without a crew on board was found near Portugal. At the same time, the brigantine, which looked as if it was ready to sail, left the crew for some unknown reason. Both the cargo and the food supply were intact. Subsequently, the disappearance of the ship’s crew was associated with the passage through the Bermuda Triangle.

“Devil’s Sea”: The mystery about the Bermuda Triangle

In March 1918, the giant American tanker Cyclops disappeared while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. The vessel, which en route from Brazil to the United States, carried 309 crew members, as well as thousands of tons of manganese ore. The transport ship was never seen again after embarking on a voyage, and no traces were found either. The ship with a crew and passengers is considered one of the biggest casualties in the Bermuda Triangle.

“Devil’s Sea”: The mystery about the Bermuda Triangle

Today this section of the Atlantic Ocean is a busy sea route, but it is still part of global folklore. Scientists offer their explanations for the disappearances of ships and vessels, noting that the Bermuda Triangle is difficult to navigate due to a large number of shoals, frequent cyclones, and storms. The proof of this hypothesis is the periodic finds of archaeologists who find sunken ships, which, as was thought earlier, disappeared without a trace.

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