The best of Yoruba foods

One of the largest tribes in Nigeria is the Yoruba. These people have a very well-developed culture, including food culture. Consider the unique culinary inventions of the Yoruba people.

Yoruba foods are a popular food eaten by highly influential ethnic groups in Nigeria. Most Yoruba foods tend to be mix with different colored aspects of the food, a constantly pleasing sight. They like to mix soups and stews with meat and eggs plus Eba or pounded yams, depending on individual choice. The typical Yoruba foods have a lot of pepper.

Types of Yoruba foods

1. Ewedu soup

Ewedu soup
©Cookpad – Ewedu soup

Ewedu soup is a savory soup commonly eaten by Yoruba tribes in Nigeria. They are made from the leaves of jute, a very nutritious leafy green plant.

Ewedu has a gooey (somewhat slimy) texture when cooked; similar to okra soup, Ewedu broom makes the taste of the dish unique. Ewedu is good served with Semo, Amala, or Eba. Ewedu soup is always paired with a Nigerian beef or fish stew.

2. Amala

©Magrellos – Amala

It is made from yam cassava flour or unripe plantain flour. Yam is peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried, and then grind to powder flour. The yam is white but turns brown when dried. It gives the amala its color. It can be served with various soups (soups) such as Efọ, ilá, Ewédú, Ogbono, or Gbegiri (black-eyed bean soup).

3. Gbegiri

©Hutwise – Gbegiri

Gbegiri is a Yoruba bean soup made with black eye beans or brown beans. Gbegiri soup has to be one of the easiest, no-fuss soups to make. Gbegiri is best to serve with Amala and Ewedu soup.

4. Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin
©Organic Facts – Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin or Agoyin beans is a delicacy of the Agoyin people from the Republic of Benin. It is a combination of a very mild mashed bean and a spicy pepper sauce. Ewa Agoyin is very popular in the Yoruba tribe.

5. Efo riro (vegetable soup)

Efo riro
©OjaExpress – Efo riro

Efo riro comes from the Yoruba language in Nigeria. Efo means “green leafy vegetable” or “spinach,” and riro means “to stir. So basically, Efo riro means “mixed leafy vegetable. However, we don’t stir it by itself; we stir it in a rich pepper sauce loaded with Meat, Crawfish, Dry Fish, and other Meat or Fish of choice.

6. Iresi Eyin

Iresi Eyin
©KokoTv Nigeria – Iresi Eyin

Iresi is the Yoruba word for rice, and Eiyin, depending on the intonation, can refer to an egg or a palm nut fruit, so the Yoruba version of Banga soup is called Obé Eiyin. it is the Yoruba version of jollof rice

The good part of this dish is that it is a one-pot dish that does not require frying or steaming. All you need is to combine all the ingredients in one pot and wait for the delicious magic to happen. If you don’t have access to palm nut cream, you can use half a regular palm oil batch.

7. Dodo

©connect Nigeria – Dodo

Dodo, fried plantain, is a delicious Yoruba food made from ripe plantains. Raw, ripe plantains are peeled and sliced, then fried in oil. This presentation is one of many ways to fry plantains. It is a popular Nigerian West African food. The golden brown color is just perfect.

It can serve it as a main dish or just as an appetizer. Simple but delicious – the perfect combination for food.

8. Iyan

©Taxi west food – Iyan

Iyan, called mashed yams in English, looks like mashed potatoes, but all mashed and perfectly smooth, with no yam pieces. It goes well with a bitter leaf or jute leaf soup, okra soup, stewed spinach, and Ogbono soup.

9. Ikokore

©Cookpad – Ikokore

Ikokore, also known as Ifokore, is a Nigerian yam porridge dish made with Water Yam (Isu Ewura) instead of the usual Puna/White Yam. It is a recipe for chowder from the Ijebu people of Ogun State, Nigeria. To truly enjoy Isu Ewura, you will need to include as much protein as possible to enrich it. Your best bets-Shaki, Ponmo, Chicken, Goat, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Fish, Eja Shawa, Eja Kika, etc., the more, the merrier.

10. Igbin

All Nigeria Recipes – Igbin

Snails (Igbin in the Yoruba language) are a delicacy that It’s a mixture of shell-cleaned snails with pepper sauce and onions. An excellent idea for a snack, it can be served on toothpicks.,

It has a high therapeutic and nutritional value. Studies show that snail meat is very high in protein, even more than beef or chicken. It is also quite rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

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