The best type of metal jewelry for piercing

When we imagine the future piercing, we often think about how the jewelry will look and not what the jewelry is made from. However, the choice of earring material is one of the most critical issues.

The wrong material can cause allergies around the piercing, prevent quick healing, stain the skin, and even spread infections in the body. Fortunately, today there are proven materials from which to make earrings and barbells of any design.

The best type of metal jewelry for piercing
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Let’s check what metals now use to make piercing jewelry and which one is better.

Surgical steel

Sounds solid, right? If surgeons use it, then the ring from it in the navel will be safe. This is how many think – and they are wrong. The fact is that medical steel intends to manufacture tools that temporarily come into contact with the skin and not at all for piercing earrings.

The best type of metal jewelry for piercing

Needles, clamps, and other equipment make from it. In constant communication, as with piercing, the nickel in the surgical steel begins to oxidize, and toxic compounds from the jewelry enter the body, so doctors use titanium instead of it for implantation prostheses.

Allergies, rejection, poor healing – are you sure you agree to endure this for the sake of a low price tag for the procedure? It is better to leave this material to the doctors and consider other options.


It is rightfully considered the empress of metals because of its inertness, strength, and high cost. However, it rarely uses in piercing – there is a cheaper and more affordable replacement. Besides, losing a piece of platinum jewelry is very unpleasant.


We hear from childhood that the best earrings are gold, far from it. Once upon a time, this precious metal was the only one available for jewelry lovers. Gold from the counters of modern stores is not happy with its quality: the alloy contains many impurities of copper and other metals, and the fineness is not an indicator of quality.

Considering the considerable share of counterfeit in the jewelry market, there is a great chance to buy a fake even in a good store. There is a high risk of allergies, darkening, and other unpleasant consequences.


Although considered a precious metal, it is not suitable for piercing. Silver oxidizes too quickly – it looks like darkening. The metal is covered with an oxide film, which also stains the skin, and it is ugly and unsafe, especially for direct punctures. Yes, and in the healed punches, he has no place: a dark spot on the skin will not add aesthetic appeal.


It is hypoallergenic titanium, not surgical steel, that is the metal of choice for barbells, earrings, and other piercing jewelry today. It is inert and stable, unaffected by the environment.

There is a microlayer on the surface of titanium products, which prevents the penetration of the smallest metal molecules into the external environment. That is why titanium is used for the manufacture of internal prostheses.

For piercing, this metal is also the best. If you apply for a service to a trusted salon with a good reputation, titanium will offer.


You may have seen jewelry made from bioplastics and various polymers on sale. They are not suitable as permanent ones, but they do an excellent job with the role of retainers. A retainer is a substitute for jewelry that provides safety in special situations: sports, breastfeeding, etc.

However, this does not apply to cheap plastic gizmos from the nearest kiosk. They are unsafe, as they have an unreliable fastener and questionable composition.


When a piercer offers you titanium jewelry, he does not at all seek to enrich himself or hide a budget analog from you. There are no analogs at the moment, and any grandmother’s silver earrings, pistol studs, girlfriend’s gold jewelry, or funny surgical steel bars bought in the passage are a health threat.

If you decide to get a piercing, take care of your body and give it the best and most modern available at the moment. Then you are guaranteed quick healing and an excellent puncture appearance.

The best type of metal jewelry for piercing

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