Tattoos and jobs discrimination: do tattoos affect jobs?

When planning to get a tattoo, many are worried about whether they are hired with such drawings. Society has retained stereotypes regarding employment. However, only people with a retrograde mindset associate body art with the criminal world.

Positions that are not allowed with tattoos

There is no absolute prohibition, but there are restrictions in many professions. Drawings in visible places may not appeal to any employer, regardless of industry.

Most tattoos when applying for a job can be hidden under clothing, which quickly solves the problem. The hands and face remain visible. When choosing such places, one should take into account the difficulties with employment.

Restricted positions:

  • salesman;
  • waiter;
  • Secretary;
  • account Manager;
  • executives.

The likelihood of being rejected for a job is high in the modeling business unless you plan on becoming a tattoo model.

In the companies of the luxury segment, tattoos do not fit into the dress code. If the images cannot be hidden under corporate attire, there is a high probability that the job will be refused. Difficulties arise in medicine, education, law enforcement agencies.

Professions for which tattoos are not prohibited

Usually, drawings do not cause problems when applying for storekeeper, designer, architect, bartender, driver, cook. If necessary, the tattoo can be hidden and meet the requirements of the company.

IT professionals can also apply drawings to the body without restrictions, while it should be borne in mind that the employer may have their own opinion.

It is worth understanding which tattoos they do not take to work. The presence of Nazi and prison symbols is an obstacle to getting a job in any field.

Tips on how to hide a tattoo

The back of the neck

High collar sweaters, shirts or loose hair perfectly cover the pattern. With the skillful use of clothing, the employer will not know about a tattoo on the body.

Behind the ear

The image is well hidden by loose hair, a high collar, and a scarf.

On the forearm

Long sleeves will do. If the corporate style implies a short sleeve, you can use special flesh-colored stockings, which hide a tattoo and skin defects.
On the chest

It is enough to button up a shirt, blouse to the location of the image. You can use accessories, massive jewelry.

On the wrist

Clothes with long sleeves will become salvation; tattoos are also covered with watches, jewelry.

On the ankle

In order that the tattoo was not conspicuous, wear trousers, tight tights. The drawing on the ankle can be concealed with shoes.

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