The children of the neutrinosphere

From the end of the 15th to the beginning of the 20th century, there was a very profitable and very specific type of commerce – trade in the secrets of the so-called magical connection. The sellers, as a rule, are outstanding people who succeed in the “witchcraft” field, for a lot of money, they taught those who wished clairvoyance techniques, which were in demand not only by individuals who were eager to know everything but also by such government agencies as intelligence, the army. This business, however, began to decline as soon as radio communications, television, and fluoroscopy became effective.

The stagnation of clairvoyance did not last long. This phenomenon of the human psyche approved the right to exist as soon as the American parapsychologists John Michalasky and Douglas Dean read a sensational report on the prospects for the development of telepathy in 1969 at the International Conference on Communications, regularly organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of the United States. More specifically, about what, in fact, the carrier consists of, which allows, without the help of technical means, instantly, in real-time, to exchange any visual, auditory, or even futuristic information. To get the latest stories, install our app here

The carriers of these telepathic signals, in their opinion, are neutrinos, elementary particles, which account for 97 percent of the matter of the universe. They, easily piercing everything, if they are “curbed” with the help of generators, are capable of delivering information data arrays of fantastic volumes to any remote world without delays and distortions.

Putting forward their hypothesis, Michalaski, and Douglas, of course, did not suspect that the realities, named in 1989 by Soviet scientists A.F. Okhatrin and A.G. Parkhomov as the neutrinosphere, are immeasurably more fantastic.

Just the other day, an international group of researchers, conducting experiments on a collider – a giant accelerator, came to the conclusion that neutrinos can move at speeds exceeding the speed of light. This fact is revolutionary for physics, making adjustments to Einstein’s theory of relativity and affecting causal relationships. Thus, if the scientists were not mistaken, fundamentally different ways of developing civilization, its technologies, philosophy, strategy, and tactics of social progress will open before humanity.

The excitement of adherents of the omnipotence of the parapsychology of the future is fueled by the postulate of leadership in the material structures of neutrinos recognized by official science as correct, which gives rise to speculations like: “The Universe is predominantly woven from neutrinos”, “Neutrinos are eternal, indestructible”.

A person through whose body a stream of 10 to the 14th degree of neutrino passes every second, for this reason, cannot be mortal. Yes, he is immortal, but in some other, not in the usual protein, biological incarnations. And we are not talking about the immortality of the soul. Then what kind of immortality are we talking about? What can we expect from the development of the neutrinosphere, if it takes place?

Against common sense

The fact that the neutrinosphere can be controlled by the human mind has been known for a long time. In any case, back in the thirties of the last century, the American medium Lazar Böll demonstrated many tricks, the “mechanics” of which neither he nor the experts – artists of the original genre and university professors could explain. “The desired is obtained according to my mental order, but, as it were, apart from it,” Böll said.

For example, monolithic wooden bagels laid out on the table suddenly quite mysteriously formed a chain structure, without breaking, turned out to be threaded into each other. The wedding rings provided by the experts for the experiment, again laid out on the tabletop, maintaining perfect integrity, formed a one and a half meter golden chain.

The medium, having reassured the experts with the assurance that he would instantly return to each owner exactly his ring, always fulfilled this promise, throwing, stringing the rings, of which there were sometimes at least sixty, straight onto the fingers of the owners. Mistakes never happened. How to interpret such a blatant disgrace to the inviolability of physical laws?

The Swiss physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who predicted the existence of neutrinos on the tip of a pen, who won the Nobel Prize in 1945, having visited the Lazar Böll show in New York and called it a “controlled gift of multidimensionality”, presciently noted that mediumistic secrets, although tightly wrapped in neutrino blanket, in the past manifested constantly, in the future will not run out too.

By the way, Pauli had no doubt that the irretrievable, in good daylight, disappearances of people, animals, inanimate objects are in some way connected with the abnormally dense “neutrino cloudiness”, that it is quantum physics that is called upon to explain the inconsistencies of the “turned inside out world of the neutrinosphere”.

Pauli’s opponents literally pounced on him, assuring him that Böll’s tricks were manipulations of his dexterous hands. How the physicist reacted to the attacks is unknown. But it is known that back in 1887, another American medium, Henry Slade, amused the public by the fact that, without violating the integrity of the copper-gold rings, rings, silver coasters brought by the audience, he built long chains-fetters from all this, with which, without touching, he fettered hands and feet. When the show ended, the items “went from intangible to visible” and were neatly placed on the owners’ laps. As for Maestro Slade, he briefly disappeared from the podium to the enthusiastic whistle of the crowd. Disappeared, to reappear as if nothing had happened. Unlike those who, for a long time or forever, went into the neutrinosphere.

Future ban

The merit of Wolfgang Pauli before world science was not only that he suggested the existence of neutrinos, which was experimentally confirmed two decades later. He made no less contribution to elementary particle physics by formulating the basic properties of neutrinos in 1933 and resolving seemingly insoluble contradictions. “Saved” for quantum mechanics, the law of conservation of energy, the law of momentum, the moment of momentum, determined the basic principles of particle statistics.

To the non-specialist, this golden breakthrough to the core of matter, as Einstein called it, says nothing. For scientists who think in physical and mathematical categories, it opens the way for unlimited philosophizing on the subject of the nature of things. In particular, there are reasons to hope for a gradual resolution of paradoxical riddles hostile to ordinary consciousness.

Assuming that just listing such mysteries, built on neutrino fluctuations, will take up multi-page volumes, we will resort to the most intriguing selection of them. For example, there is almost no doubt that the notorious ghosts and apparitions of animate or inanimate objects are just “condensed” neutrino clouds, according to the theory of multidimensionality, which in our usual conditions rarely claim to long life.

Apparently, because of this, people who have died dear to us, every year that has passed since the day they left, dream less and less, after 30-40 years they generally cease to disturb us in dreams. The same applies to their ghostly visions.

However, undoubtedly, there are anomalous spaces to which neutrino flows are tied, as they say, forever, forever. Their ghosts, poltergeists are doomed to “immortality”.

Medal of Neutrino dimension

In 1660, the great Dutch pantheist philosopher Benedict Spinoza wrote as a matter of course: “Death, without warning, attacks a person like a mad dog, unexpectedly, ruthlessly tearing to pieces his good intentions, wise thoughts, good deeds. Dying and death are not non-existence. Life, the coinage of which was erased from one side of the coin, will certainly appear on the other, in worlds where every living being resurrects and flourishes forever because it consists of particles that are incommensurably smaller than atoms. For which there are no distances and inaccessibility.

Further, the most important remark of Spinoza boils down to the fact that he received “such important information” first-hand, from those who, before the eyes of the crowd, dispersed into a fog, “presumably absorbed by the earth, water, air, then appeared 5-10 years later, not at all grown old in comparison with the dilapidated peers.

This begs the question, did the disappearances, appearances, examples of which are full of ancient chronicles, the latest sources, have anything to do with the neutrinosphere? In a particular case, the authority of Wolfgang Pauli is indisputable because he suggested to colleagues and in general to all inquisitive people to throw off the blinders of the unshakably habitual, to learn, study, be surprised, evaluate hitherto unseen, impossible, incredible. As a given, possible and probable.

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