The last words of Saddam Hussein before dying on the gallows

Raghad Hussein, the Iraqi dictator’s eldest daughter, posted her father’s posthumous message before being executed. For 25 years he was the tyrant of Iraq.

The man who led the people with iron, blood, and horror. The same one that faced another tyranny, the Iranian, for a decade. The same one that challenged the United States. The same person who was hanged when he was found guilty of committing crimes against humanity on December 30, 2006. It’s about him, Saddam Hussein, 69 years old dictator.

Now, his eldest daughter Raghad wrote what were the last words of the Iraqi dictator before being executed. He wrote them on his brand-new Twitter account, the same one that was closed minutes later by the administrators of the social network, according to the Al Jazeera news network.

Raghad tweets

Raghad – who lives in Jordan after the US invasion of Iraq – said the words were spoken by his father four days before his death. “Oh, honorable people, I entrust my soul to you and to the merciful Lord, who does not disappoint the honest believer… Allah is great.”

Raghad Hussein shared a message from Saddam Hussein on the anniversary of the execution of the Iraqi dictator

They were two tweets in which Raghad gave signs of his father’s last wishes. In the first one, he issued a recording asking for the psychological strength of the Iraqis after the invasion and warned of the Iranian expansionist dangers to the Arabs, whom he says he protected for two and a half decades.

“I hope, dear Iraqis, that our vision of a safer and more stable Iraq will expand,” he said. The messages were signed by: “Saddam Hussein, President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”

After both posts, Twitter decided to suspend the account of the woman, based in Jordanian territory since 2003. Whenever he referred to Hussein, Raghad is clear in his concepts. She defended him against all criticism and said she is “proud” of what her father had done. “The details of his death are unpleasant and painful, but it was an honorable death,” she said in an interview with CNN in 2013.

Uday and Qusay

The lives of the Iraqi dictator’s sons developed in the light of the regime. Two of them, Uday and Qusay, fell on July 22, 2003, shortly after the collapse of their father’s regime, in combat with the forces of the United States. They were the heirs of the brutal Iraqi and until the end they were the most feared men in the country.

Uday and Qusay were betrayed by a collaborator, who informed the Americans of their hiding place in the city of Mosul with the intention of collecting more than 15 million dollars of reward for each of them that Washington was offering at that time.

When troops from Task Force 121, who were actively looking for them, and soldiers from Airborne Division 101 arrived at the huge mansion in Iraq’s second-largest city, they were pelted with bullets by the brothers, the son of 14 years of Qusay and a bodyguard.

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