The man who dressed like a woman for over 4 years [Video]

The married father of three who started wearing women’s clothes four years ago says he’s determined to challenge gender stereotypes in fashion.

Mark Bryan, an American living in Germany, proudly wears narrow skirts and high heels to work in stores and even home.

A robotics engineer, the 61-year-old principal, started wearing heels in college when his then-girlfriend asked him to do so. Besides, it was his condition to dance with her.

The man who dressed like a woman for over 4 years [Video]

He started wearing skirts later in his life and created an Instagram account @markybryan911 to share his everyday looks.

In his biography, Mark describes himself as “a straight, married, happy man who loves Porsches, beautiful women, and incorporates heels and skirts into his everyday wardrobe”.

The man who dressed like a woman for over 4 years [Video]

Mark says he likes 6-inch stiletto heels and pencil skirts, which he buys most of the time online. “It’s not the most comfortable, but I really like heels with a tight skirt,” he said.

In an interview with BoredPanda, Mark said he has always admired women who wear skirts and stilettos. Several people have questioned Mark’s sexuality since he began to openly wear skirts, which he believes can make him angry.

The man who dressed like a woman for over 4 years [Video]

“Most of the time, I tell them it’s none of their business,” he says. “Other times, I just tell them I’m straight. But there are times when I let off steam on some, especially men.”

Mark has been married three times, but they’ve been together for 11 years with his current wife. He says his partner and children support him in his choices.


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