The most bizarre rumours circulating in Hollywood

The rumours that music producer Dr. Luke singer Katy Perry has been raped are not true. That is what Katy just stated in a testimony in court.

In the trade press we always read the juiciest details about the lives of the stars but sometimes stories appear that seem too bizarre to be true.

These are the craziest rumours in a row:

Obama and Beyoncé have an affair

Does President Obama have an affair with Beyoncé or not? The internet was worrying about it in 2014. For a moment it seemed that The Washington Post would launch an article about the alleged romance.

The news came from Pascal Rostain, a well-known paparazzi photographer who made several (correct) revelations about celebrities in the past. The flame was completely in the pan because Beyoncé during the presidential election campaigns was one of the main fundraisers of Obama.

But Barack Obama is of course married to Michelle and also Beyoncé has had a husband for years: rapper Jay-Z. Soon the story turned out to be true: The Washington Post immediately denied that it would turn out with such a story, and the photographer also had to adjust his version later.

Tupac is still alive

22 years after his death, the assassination of Tupac is still not resolved. Many wild theories are circulating about crime. For example, P. Diddy would have been the client. Many people are convinced, however, that the murder of the man was put in scene and that Tupac is still alive and around. He would have joined the select club that also includes Elvis, Kurt Cobain and Bruce Lee: stars that enjoy forests of anonymity, tranquillity and their money, and therefore go to some tropical island.

Miley Cyrus was murdered and replaced

Maybe a little lugubrious: a theory that Miley Cyrus actually died and has been replaced by a doppelganger has been around for several years. The ball started to roll when Now8News, a website specializing in fake news, shared a made-up story about the death of the singer, where she would have been found in a bathtub. The ball started to roll, and some claimed that Cyrus was replaced by a doppelganger.

Joe Jonas has run an SM sex film

Around the period that the popular Jonas Brothers each went their own way, it was rumoured that Joe had ever made a sex film in true ’50 Tinten Grijs’ style. There were a lot of gore details and claims on the surface, but to date no one has ever seen the alleged tape.

Oprah and her best friend are lesbian lovers

Is there more going on between Oprah Winfrey and her best friend Gayle King? It has been whispered since the start of Oprah’s career. Especially when Winfrey lost some of her old diaries in 2009. she was in close shoes, because her secret love life would be described in her writings.

The stony talk show host has always denied, however, “I understand why people think we are lesbian,” she once said. “There is no definition in our culture for the bond I have with Gayle. So, I understand why people put a label on us. They ask me: how can you be so close to someone and have no sexual relationship with them? But if that were to be the case, we would be open about it. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.”

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: true love or publicity stunt?

During the high days of the ‘Twilight’ saga fans were seriously captivated by the relationship status of key players Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. After all, they not only fell in love with the screen, but also in real life. However, many people doubted whether true love existed, or that all was one big publicity stunt to promote the films a bit more.

Disney killed the twin sister of Lindsay Lohan

Undoubtedly the most bizarre rumour in the list: Lindsay Lohan had a twin sister named Kelsey, who was murdered by Disney. Kelsey would have acted in ‘The Parent Trap’, but after the shooting, Disney have staged a car accident to get her out of the way. That way they could only continue with Lindsay. Although the gossip was spread by multiple media and websites, neither Disney nor Lindsay ever responded to it.

Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey

Is Katy Perry the grown up JonBenet Ramsey? The simple answer to that is no. But that does not stop people from adhering to the conspiracy theory that states that the murdered six-year-old girl has not been deprived of her life at all.

The Illuminati and Freemasons would have killed her death to make her a megastar. According to the theories, Katy Perry’s song lyrics, tweets and music videos provide enough evidence. What they refuse to believe: the body of the murdered girl was found, autopsy was conducted and she was buried.

Anna Wintour had a relationship with Bob Marley

Vogue editor-in-chief and Bob Marley: the two would have maintained a relationship according to some theories. Anna tried to push the gossip again last year during James Corden’s talk show. “How did Bob Marley behave in bed? And replied “I never met him, that’s fake news,” she said. “But if he had suggested it, I would certainly have done it!”

David Beckham bought the world’s most expensive sex toy for Victoria

In 2004 the story popped up that David Beckham had bought a sex toy for Victoria of $ 1.8 million. It was a platinum vibrator, set with diamonds of 10-carat and 16-carat. There would only be 10 copies made worldwide, and the vibrator would be the world’s most expensive sex toy. The Beckhams, however, never went into the message.

The CIA killed John Lennon

{Credit: AP} Murderer Mark David Chapman.
{credit: AP} Singer John Lennon in 1971.

Was John Lennon killed by the CIA? And was Mark David Chapman, the man who has been stuck for the murder for years, no more than a cover? The theory has been around for decades. In 1989, even a book by the English lawyer Fenton Besler appeared, in which he substantiates the conspiracy theory.

Margot Robbie is much older than everyone thinks

The age of Australian actress Margot Robbie has been a mystery for years. According to an edition of Vogue from 2016, the actress was 25 years old. Impossible, it sounded, because in an article from 2008 Margot was already described as a 23-year-old. That would mean that the actress should now be 33.

Lady Gaga is actually a man

Lady Gaga has a penis, it sounded in 2009. It was discussed by several news sites. Gaga had an unknown object between her legs in one of her shows, and that made the rumours bubble up. The singer wore a tight red dress in the show and was on stage with a scooter. But when she jumped off the scooter at one point, she quickly pulled her dress down because she had something to hide?

Walt Disney is frozen under Disneyland

When Walt died of lung cancer in 1966, rumours quickly circulated. His body would have been frozen to bring him back to life later, if science had progressed far enough. He would be stored under Disneyland. The truth is, however, that he was cremated and that his ashes were buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Photo credit: AP, Reuters, Youtube and HLN

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