The most unusual and little-known sports

We’ve all heard about chess and boxing, but did you know about chessboxing? What about a ferret-legging? Or camel wrestling?

Our world is full of all sorts of oddities, and unusual sports only confirm this fact. As famed baseball catcher Yogi Berra once said, there are so many exciting things that can be noticed just by watching. Perhaps it’s time to learn something new right now?

Little know sports in the world

Pesapallo or Finnish baseball

The most unusual and little-known sports

It is the national sport of Finland but has recently become popular throughout Northern Europe. Pesapallo resembles a variation of baseball, but the difference between the sports is that the Finns throw their ball up. These make it easier to hit the ball with the bat, and the dynamics of the game become much more varied.


The most unusual and little-known sports

Do you think ferrets are the cutest creatures? What if the ferret ends up in your trouser? And two ferrets? This sport aims to keep a couple of animals in the player’s trouser for as long as possible, with all the ensuing consequences. Incredibly, the world record is as much as 5 hours and 26 minutes, and it was set without underwear!

Toe wrestling

The most unusual and little-known sports
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And again, for a great sport, we can thank the UK. If it weren’t for the British, the world would not have known about such great champions in toe wrestling. According to the rules of etiquette, each player takes off his opponent’s shoes and socks before the match.

Mountain unicycling

The most unusual and little-known sports

As experienced hikers know, sometimes it can be challenging to stay on two legs on mountain trails and even more on one wheel. Not only is it about the athlete’s incredible sense of balance, but the unicycle also is not yet equipped like mountain bikes, so handling these unicycles requires special maneuvering skills. Despite all the unusualness and complexity of this discipline, mountain unicycling has recently become more and more popular, especially in the Midwest of the United States.

Tubing on the water

The most unusual and little-known sports
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Perhaps this is one of the most dangerous sports on our list because several people have died in water tubing competitions over the past five years, and many competitors have been injured. The athlete’s task is to stay on a special inflatable chamber tied to the boat as long as possible. At high speed, these tubes fly up into the air. Still, suppose you come across an inflatable sled that is not intended for flying. In that case, it threatens severe injuries because it is tough to control such cameras, and landing back on the water is very hard.


The most unusual and little-known sports
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This is a mixture of football, gymnastics, and volleyball with music into a sport. This crazy sport was invented in Spain but later found its fans far beyond its borders. The game takes place on a vast inflatable field with trampolines; the ball can be hit with any part of the body, the players of one team are entitled to a maximum of 5 touches until the ball flies over the net to a foreign field.

Camel wrestling

The most unusual and little-known sports

If you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve probably figured out by now that people love fighting. We compete on toes and hands, wrestle on horseback and even force camels to fight! Few people associate this humpbacked animal with fighting but believe me; it’s all about motivation. If two camels are knocked together with their foreheads in the presence of a female ready to mate, these massive creatures are prepared to do anything to win. Competitions are traditionally held in the countries of the Middle East and South Asia.


The most unusual and little-known sports

According to the rules described in the regulations of the World Championship for Carrying Wives, a man can carry on himself as a load either his wife or the wife of a neighbor, or he must find her somewhere else. In addition, a woman must be over 17 years old and weigh at least 49 kilograms.


The most unusual and little-known sports
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This game was first described in the Harry Potter series of novels and has become popular lately. Most often, Quidditch competitions are held on college campuses. Quidditch is an excellent chance for a simple Muggle to make his dream come true and join the world of magic, taking hold of a broom, not only during cleaning.


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All you need to take part in this challenge is two pairs of shins and pain tolerance. The game came to the United States and immigrants from Great Britain and became extremely popular due to its simplicity and fervor. The task of each athlete is to knock the opponent to the ground, beating him in the legs. Participants put on white coats, grab each other by the goal and kick the opponent in the shin until one of the players surrenders.

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