The woman with 31 fingers and toes in India [Photos]

Kumari Nayak is born with 31 fingers and toes but has spent her entire life hiding in her home after being called a witch by cruel neighbors.

An Indian woman, Kumari Nayak, 63, suffers from polydactylism – a common congenital disability where the victim has more fingers and toes. Kumari did not escape the case, with 19 toes and 12 fingers, Kumari enters the Guinness Book of Records. But she is not happy. Why? Her condition has tormented her throughout her life, and she often feels compelled to stay inside.

The Indian woman does not have enough money to receive medical treatment and claims that her cruel neighbors call her a “witch” and avoid her on the street.

Kumari Nayak
©India photo agency/SWINS – Kumari Nayak

Kumari Nayak, from the Ganjam district in Odisha, India, says she was born with this defect, and she couldn’t be treated because she was from a low-income family. “I have been suffering from this disease for 63 years now,” her message sounds. “The neighbors, who are too much in blind beliefs, believe that I am a witch and stay away from me,” Nayak revealed. “They sometimes come to see my condition – but never help me. I have to stay indoors because I am treated differently, which is not a good treatment from my neighbors,” he reportedly complained.

The woman with 31 fingers and toes in India [Photos]

One of her neighbors, who is aware of the state of Kumari, said that others in their “small village” believed too much in superstition. The neighbor disclosed to “know she has a health problem and has nothing to do with what others think she is”. “I’m so sorry for her that she can’t even afford treatment.”

India women

In India, 134 people, mostly women, were killed for using “black magic” in 2016, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. In some parts of the country to date, women are accusing of black magic. Most of which have been killed by lynchings under the guise of “witch hunts”.

Kumari Nayak

According to the reports from DW News, several Indian states have introduced laws to prevent it, but human rights activists believed it is insufficient. Indian government officials, having heard of Kumari Nayak’s plight, have offered her accommodation and board, and are trying to educate her neighbors.

The woman with 31 fingers and toes in India [Photos]

A spokesperson for the administrative department said, “We are aware of her situation and have offered all possible help. We also educate her neighbors to treat her with love and compassion because she is not a witch.”

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