These 8 things can tell a lot about a person

What things can tell a lot about a person? In fact, there is always more to a person than what a first impression will impart. However, there are some expressions that will tell a lot about a person.

When you first see somebody, you can determine exactly what kind of person they are after the first few interactions. Below are the lists of things that can give you an idea of the person’s personality.

1. The shoes they wear

These 8 things can tell a lot about a person

According to a study published in Science Direct, shoes can reveal personality types. People who wear comfortable shoes tend to be relatively pleasant. Calm people enjoy wearing uncomfortable shoes, perhaps to express the agony they are trying to hide.

The aggressive party prefers to wear booties that don’t seem to have a wise logic to them. Interestingly, anxious or clingy people prefer new and well-groomed shoes to relax their nervous energy.

2. Time taken to ask questions

These 8 things can tell a lot about a person

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they talked about themselves the whole time? The amount of time someone allows to pass before they show interest in you is a strong personality indicator.

People who only talk about themselves tend to be loud, self-centered (takers). People who only ask questions and talk little about themselves tend to be quiet, modest (givers). Those who find a good balance between giving and receiving are reciprocal and good conversationalists.

3. Eye contact during conversation

These 8 things can tell a lot about a person

The key to eye contact is balance. While it’s essential to maintain eye contact, doing so 100% of the time is perceived as aggressive and creepy. Simultaneously, if you maintain eye contact for only a small part of the conversation, you will appear disinterested, shy, or embarrassed.

Research shows that maintaining eye contact for about 60% of a conversation strikes the right balance and makes you seem interested, friendly, and trustworthy.

4. The use of the letter ‘I’

If a person uses the word ‘I’ a lot, there is a good chance that he or she is a narcissist. Narcissists always like to talk about themselves, their achievements, success, beauty, etc. These people think they are the best, superior to others, and don’t care about others’ feelings and thoughts, but only value their own.

5. Being drunk

These 8 things can tell a lot about a person

Most people reveal themselves best when they are drunk. They take off all their masks and finally become themselves. Maybe that’s why most people like being drunk, because we are tired of presenting ourselves as someone else, and being drunk, being our real selves, makes us feel relaxed.

6. Checking their phones

These 8 things can tell a lot about a person

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone pulling out their phones in the middle of a conversation. A study from Ilona University confirms that taking out their phone during a conversation reduces both the quality and quantity of personal interactions.

7. Politeness

When I see someone who has a basic politeness level and often says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, I know that I am dealing with a socially intelligent person. You don’t have to do much to overcome this barrier, but many people don’t have basic manners.

8. Nerve habits

Touching your nails or face or picking on your skin usually indicates that you are nervous, overwhelmed, and out of control. Research conducted by the University of Michigan shows that these nervous habits indicate a perfectionist personality and that perfectionists are more likely to engage with these habits when they are frustrated or bored.

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