These are the best shooting games of 2018

The annual explosion of new FPS games (also: first-person shooters or shooting games) is already over, but the genre remains extremely popular. Who is still looking for gifts for the game fanatics in the family: these are the four best FPS games that came on the market this year.

Battlefield V

With Battlefield V, this famous shooting series returns to the battlefield on which it arose: that of World War II. In a series of short mini-campaigns you travel to Norway, the Netherlands and North Africa, but in the same decors you can also battle each other online. Many fans felt that some more game content had been allowed; a sigh that did not fall on deaf ears with the makers, because those plans in the near future an extra story mission and new multiplayer modes. After New Year there will also be a Battle Royale mode at Fortnite.
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

©Electronic Arts Battlefield V.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

The Call of Duty series also released a new addition this year, and that turned out to be a surprisingly strong game. Punishment, especially if you know that the story campaign was simply skipped by the makers – more than half of the players do not do anything with it, according to studio Treyarch. There are still a few mini-counts in Black Ops 4, which continue to embroider on the earlier games in the series, but all the attention goes to the multiplayer and the new Blackout mode. Call the latter a (again Fortnite

-like) Battle Royale ball festival, where you can play with very heavy military guns.
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

©Activision The new Call of Duty.

Far Cry 5

Developer Ubisoft maintains high and low that their game Far Cry 5 is not an FPS game at all. They call it an “open-world action game that happens to be played in the first person.” That is correct: if you just want to shoot and pop, you better look elsewhere. In Far Cry 5 you are mainly engaged in exploring a vast, violent world – the setting is the American state of Montana, where a fictional and ruthless sect holds sway – and with the development of your character. Objective: to undermine the cruel leaders of the society. The end of the game is one of the most shocking surprises that we presented in a game this year.
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

©Ubisoft Flying with a wingsuit also belongs to the options in ‘Far Cry 5’.

Fallout 76

Another game that is not strictly a first-person shooter but is a borrowing for the machinations of such games: role playing game Fallout 76. The main goal of the game is to upgrade the skills, weapons and armour of your main character as much as possible. You do this in a post-apocalyptic world, where shooting at opponents is the main source of action. What makes it interesting is that those opponents are not computer-controlled characters, but other players of flesh and blood that you share this game world with.
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

©Bethesda Fallout 76: not really a first person shooter, but a role playing game with shooter elements in it.

Firewall: Zero Hour

Finally, we would like to highlight this powerful first-person shooter: Firewall: Zero Hour (available only for PlayStation VR). Anyone who likes to play with friends has a firm grip here: in Firewall: Zero Hour you get multiplayer firing with four to four players. Together you fall into strongholds (or defend them), at a rate that turns out to be good resistance to motion sickness. Also, separately: if you close one eye inside the VR glasses, you can look through the laser sight of your machine gun on a flat screen (or in real life), just like in a normal first-person shooter.
For PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR.

© PlayStation A true shooter in VR: that is Firewall: Zero Hour.

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