These countries considered as the future world superpowers – Putin says

China and Germany are on their way to becoming the next world superpowers, while the United States “can no longer claim exceptionality,” said Vladimir Putin as part of his intervention at the Valdai discussion club.

Vladimir Putin called China and Germany contenders for future superpowers’ status in the world during his intervention at the Valdai discussion club, where he spoke by videoconference.

“The balance of powers, capacities, and positions of states has changed considerably. Especially in the last 30 or 40 years. Yes, the USSR no longer exists, but Russia does exist,” he said.

Putin explained that “By its economic weight and its political influence, China is actively moving towards the position of superpower”. And “Germany is moving in the same direction,” said the President during his speech posted online on YouTube.

At the same time, the role of the United Kingdom and France has changed, according to the Russian President, stressing that “the United States, which at one time completely dominated, can no longer claim to be exceptional”.

“Besides, does the United States need this exceptionality?” Asked Vladimir Putin. In addition, the Russian leader mentioned Brazil and South Africa among the countries whose significance is increasing in the world today.

An avalanche of disagreements

In addition, Vladimir Putin judged that disagreements and questions of international policy were very numerous.

“There are many glaring contradictions in modern international life, if not too many. As long as the pattern of Cold War relations began to change in its own way, of course, in a lasting and predictable way, don’t think I miss it, in any case, the world has changed many times,” he declares. According to him, these changes have been very rapid.

“Some countries were in a hurry to share the pie, as a rule, in their favor, of course, to take advantage of the end of the period of cold confrontation. Others must find a way to adapt to the changes at all costs. And some, and here we can speak from our sad experience, fought to survive, to remain a united country, to maintain themselves, including as a subject of world politics,” concluded the President.

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