These free apps to help you sleep

Do you lie awake for hours and can’t get to sleep? Then, there are these free apps to help you sleep better or may be able to help you improve your sleep.

Many people have trouble falling asleep. It may be every night, a few times a week, or at random over the month or year. To put it mildly, falling asleep and staying asleep may be difficult, tiring, and unpleasant.

Whatever sleeping problems you have, the power of sleep app technology may be able to fix them. With so many sleep applications available for both iOS and Android smartphones these days, we’ve taken the opportunity (and maybe spared you some time) of picking the finest ones to help you sleep night after night. We list a few of them.

Free apps to help you sleep

1. Sleep Cycle – Android & iOS

If you like hard numbers, statistics, and smart applications, Sleep Cycle has come to the right place. This app analyzes your sleep rhythm and chooses the best time to wake you up based on that. The app uses your phone’s microphone for this. You’re supposed to open the app, put your phone on a nightstand with the mic facing you, and let it last all night. The microphone registers your movements during the night and ignores other sounds.

The idea behind it is not only to generate a graph to show how you sleep but also to detect when you are in a light sleep state so that you can wake up peacefully with a soft, soothing alarm. Before you start Sleep Cycle’s tracking system, enter a half-hour period for when you want to get up in the morning, rather than an exact time. The smart alarm clock should then only go off at a suitable time, instead of uncomfortably jerking you out of deep sleep.

Sleep Cycle is, in principle, free to use, but for the premium version, you can pay per year after one week. This has its advantages: you get even more analyzes and long-term trends, and you can, for example, link the apps to smart lamps from Philips.

2. Calm – Android & iOS

Calm is actually an app with music and short audio stories that helps you get a good night’s sleep but also monitors your mood. The app also offers things like breathing exercises and stretching exercises. You can set bedtime and mindfulness reminders, and ask the app to check your mood once a day. So it’s not just about monitoring your sleep but also about your mental well-being.

The background music is great for falling asleep too, but you can also have celebrities like Matthew McConaughey read an audio story. In addition, there are meditation exercises that calm the user. These range from a few minutes to almost an hour.

The downside of Calm? The app can be used for free for a week, and after that, you pay per year. That is a considerable amount when you realize that many of Calm’s parts can, of course, also be found online for free.

3. Pillow – iOS

If you don’t want to have your phone on all night, but want to monitor your sleep, Pillow offers a solution. This beautiful sleep app also works with an Apple Watch. Like Sleep Cycle, the app monitors your sleep and allows you to determine an ideal time to wake up. Sleep is measured by the movements of your body and the sounds you make. So you can also record sound clips to hear if you snore.

Each sleeping session is presented in a beautiful graph and provided with a score. If you use the app via an Apple Watch, your heart rate is also included in the graph. The app is free, but if you want more detailed information, you can take out a subscription per year or per month.

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