These laptops and tablets can travel with the children

Do you have a long ride with the kids coming up soon? To make the journey go smoothly, we went looking for some child-friendly tablets and laptops.

Buying a technological device for a child under 12 years old is quite a challenge. It should not cost too much, it should be able to withstand a knock, the software should not be too complex… and here are what you should pay attention to as a parent.

With the tablets, you can go in different directions. In terms of ease of use, the iPad is, of course, also recommended because Apple has continued to support its devices for a long time. This makes it perfect for you to buy or pass on an older model. Apple’s cheapest iPad, which may well be a version from two or three years ago, is perfectly suitable for children. It is extra interesting that with iOS 16, there will be some more settings this fall to set it up for your child.

Although it does not necessarily have to be an iPad, the competition also has a lot of interesting models. For example, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab A8 last year, which is a lot cheaper than a new iPad. This tablet is certainly suitable for watching movies or series, and you can even use it to play heavier games.

When a child uses a tablet, provide it with a cover. For example, choose a model with a built-in keyboard so that it can also be used for school work.

Laptops for kids

There is a chance that children in primary school will already be given a laptop. If that is not the case, it may be interesting to purchase a device yourself. Price is also decisive here: Chromebooks are very interesting in this area because they are usually less expensive and have a simple operating system. In terms of software, less can break compared to Windows. Even if it goes wrong, you can usually recover it quickly.

It is best to choose a laptop that is suitable for children. It doesn’t have to go bigger than a 13 screen, especially not for the youngest. The Acer Chromebook Spin 513 CP513-1H-S4R7 is a very good device, but it is a bit more expensive than most Chromebooks. At 1.2 kilograms, it is rather on the light side.

Another recommendation is the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 CP311-2H-C95K. That device is smaller and cheaper and, therefore, more suitable for young children. Both devices are also equipped with a folding touchscreen, so you can also use them in tablet mode.

The sturdiness is also important. Some devices have rubber bumpers, which makes it less bad if they fall. In any case, you should make sure that your children handle their devices with care. A laptop is less splash-resistant because things can easily break via the keyboard, but you also have to be careful with a tablet. Putting a glass of soft drink or chocolate milk next to a tablet is not a good idea anyway.

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