Things to know about someone before getting into a relationship

When we go on dates with someone, we try to get to know that person as much as possible. However, there are some important things that you definitely need to know before moving from dating to relationships. We will tell you about 10 such things.

10 things to know about someone before getting into a relationship

1. Attitude towards exes

It is unlikely that you will want to start a relationship with a partner who still has feelings for his ex.

And it is also worth analyzing how he speaks about his former passion. We can really be offended by former partners acting incorrectly with us and causing a lot of problems. But if a guy talks about it often enough and accuses the ex of “all sins,” then we can conclude that he has not yet let go of the relationship and has not experienced everything in his soul that is connected with the breakup.

If your potential partner speaks calmly about the former or uses the phrases “He is a good person, just not for me” or “We have different interests and views on the world, so we could not be together,” – this is a good sign that means that the relationship is over at all levels. She is ready for the new ones.

2. Attitude to money

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Money is a delicate topic. Some people like to spend a lot, while others, on the contrary, save and multiply. It is often quite difficult to understand each other if you and your partner look at financial issues differently. It is worth talking about this topic even before the relationship so that there are no disagreements on the money issue.

Note that attachment style in a relationship can influence how a person behaves with finances.

3. About short-term plans in the near future

Find out what a potential partner wants in the near future and how much it coincides with your views and your plans. Agree; there is no point in entering into a relationship if your partner wants to move to another region or country in a month and you don’t. Therefore, it is worth talking about such plans in advance and understanding whether you can build relationships in such realities.

4. How much personal space does he need

Things to know about someone before getting into a relationship

Boundaries in relationships are necessary – we all need the opportunity to be alone with ourselves and have personal things that no one should touch.

Some people, entering into a relationship, suddenly begin to demand passwords from their partners’ pages on social networks or check their phones, bags, and pockets. And not every potential partner will like such strong control.

To find out how much freedom a partner needs and how much he will limit you, it’s better to talk about it in advance.

5. What is cheating for him?

Some people calmly treat a kiss on the cheek when meeting friends, and it is practically cheating for others. This also applies to “likes” on social networks – some partners perceive such a manifestation of approval and attention as an insult and see this as a fading of the feelings of their second half.

The difference in these views inevitably leads to conflict. Therefore, it is worth talking to a potential partner about what is acceptable for him in a relationship and what is not.

6. How does he spend his free time?

To build a strong relationship, most of our views on life must coincide. Opposites may attract, but it is quite difficult for them to get along together, and the success of such a relationship depends only on the joint work of partners.

Find out from the guy how he spends his free time, and see how close it is to you. Admit it, it’s difficult to feel comfortable in a relationship where one wants to go somewhere and learn new things constantly, and the other prefers to spend time on the couch in the company of a TV or smartphone. It is necessary to learn about “points of contact” before entering into a relationship or creating them to avoid conflicts in the future.

7. How does he cope with difficult situations?

Things to know about someone before getting into a relationship

It is important to know what problem-solving skills your potential partner has. How he usually acts in difficult situations because being in a relationship, you can also encounter some of them even in the first months of a relationship.

Couples usually go through all sorts of difficult situations together. At first, it is necessary to go through a series of discussions and compromises to come to a common opinion on a particular issue. If your potential partner is hot-tempered and immediately starts to get angry, even in small things, if it is difficult for him to communicate during a conflict – it’s worth considering how much it suits you.

8. Does he want children?

It is unknown how far your relationship can go, so it is better to clarify such serious issues at the dating stage. If your views do not coincide cardinally – perhaps you should not enter into a relationship.

For example, if you are a convinced childfree, and he says that he plans to have children in the near future. Of course, both his and your views may change, but if this does not happen, it will lead to disappointment and a possible breakup of the relationship if neither of you is ready to meet the other halfway.

9. What he will not compromise

Each of us has things with which we do not want to compromise and agree with them. For example, you know that you will not forgive your partner for cheating. It’s worth making sure that you both agree on such matters.

It would help if you found out such “stumbling blocks” before the rapid development of relations to understand how much you can put up with them and what you are not ready to agree with at all.

10. What are his religious and political views?

When we go on a date with someone, we usually avoid the topic of religion and politics because they can be quite delicate.

But if you and your partner are planning to take your relationship to a new level, it’s worth talking about it. In matters of politics and religion, you must either be on the same wavelength or find an opportunity to compromise. After all, this issue can greatly affect the further development of your relationship in the future.

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