This car is literally dazzling and was therefore taken off the road

The police in Dusseldorf, Germany, took a shiny gold-colored car off the road. According to the police, the car is too brightly colored to take part in the traffic. It’s not the first time that these kinds of literally ‘dazzling’ cars have been confiscated.

Wagons like this are often not painted gold, but provided with a foil. The owner will undoubtedly love it, but the German police think that the reflections of the foil can blind other road users.

And so the owner of this gold-plated BMW X5 was stopped yesterday. His car had to come along so that an expert can now assess whether the mirrored car can be dangerous for other road users.

For some time now, the German police have been deploying so-called special ‘Autoposer teams’ that focus, among other things, on nuisance caused by super sports cars that burn out and cause a noise nuisance. The fines for this type of behaviour have been increased to 100 euros (around 110 United States Dollar).

In Dusseldorf, the police have even set up a special AG Tuning team to check striking cars. Many of these cars have been illegally lowered, fitted with modified engines and exhausts or run on circuit tyres. At the famous Konigsallee in Dusseldorf, the police check especially in sunny weather and on weekends.

More golden cars

In addition to the golden BMW, 37 other suspicious vehicles were stopped yesterday between noon and 6.30 p.m., according to local media. Three other cars and a Harley-Davidson engine were seized. The officers also issued 42 fines for various offences.

This car is literally dazzling and was therefore taken off the road
©Focus – Lamborghini

In April of this year, two gold-colored cars were also taken off the road. One of them was a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster costing 373,000 euros in Germany. Applying the foil to that car cost between 4,000 and 5,000 euros. Earlier, a 540 hp Porsche Panamera Turbo was also confiscated.

This car is literally dazzling and was therefore taken off the road
©Focus – Porsche

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