This hair trend from the 90s makes a comeback

Almost everyone walked around during the 90s: a scarf around the head. From Johnny Depp to Christina Aguilera, Sarah Jessica Parker and the Olsen sisters, they were all the proud owners. And now we see the bandana re-emerge, and still on the fashion weeks.

There are a lot of people who look back to photos from the 90s with the blush on their jaws. What did they do to get on the street with the wrong Buffalo’s, tiny sunglasses or a scarf on the head? Many hoped fiercely that those trends would never come back, but in vain. The first two have already made a solid rebound in the past few months, and now the bandana is also making a comeback.

During the Fashion Weeks, various models were spotted with scarves around their heads. Among others on the catwalk at Max Mara, Kate Spade, JW Anderson and Elie Saab.

Wait a minute before you take your old scarf from under the dust. After all, the trend has received a chic update. As you can see on the pictures, the bandanas have been replaced by a silk version, which gives the look a stylish vintage touch. Not sure if you dare to show this in the street? Try the look at Halloween and get your inner Jackie O – or Christina Aguilera, the choice – upstairs.

Source: Refinery29, HLN

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