This is why 68-year-old Nigerian woman gives birth to twins

In Nigeria, a 68-year-old woman had given birth to twins, after three failed IVF attempts. It took Mrs. Adenuga 43 years before conceiving the babies and gave birth on April 14.

The Lagos State University Hospital (LUTH) announced that a 68-year-old woman had given birth to twins. Prof Wasiu Adeyemo, who is the chairman of the hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC), announced it on Sunday.

Prof Wasiu explained to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the 68-year-old woman was pregnant for the first time. He added that the artificial methods and the embryo were performed at a separate site, but the woman had subsequently been referred to LUTH in early gestation and was then managed until she gave birth to twins.

This is why 68-year-old Nigerian woman gives birth to twins
©Twiiter/LUTH – The parents, 70 and 68-years-old with their twins babies

The happy parents of twins at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, where the mother gave birth, said it took 43 years and three failed artificial insemination attempts before conceiving their twins.

The happy dad, Noah Adenuga, said that this quest to have a child had taken them to the United Kingdom before they decided to return to their country, Nigeria, where their fate has changed. The 70-year-old father added that he had received messages from a group of potency doctors who described his efforts as reckless.

Dr. Adeyemi Okunowo, who cared for them, said the birth of the twins was a “miracle”, but also pointed out that the couple had taken a considerable risk for pregnancy due to the mother’s advanced age.

Hospital management said she should not typically perform IVF on a 68-year-old woman, but explained that she agreed to do it because it was a medical responsibility. The hospital believed that it is the first in LUTH, Nigeria, and Africa to have achieved such glory.

The parents, 70 and 68, were released from the hospital with their twins’ babies. The mother and twins-baby are doing well.

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