This old BMW is faster and more expensive than new Ferrari

The American company Gruppe5 restores old BMWs 2002 and turns them into modern racing monsters with engines up to 800 hp. There are 300 on the market, and the entry-level model is for sale from 780,000 euros.

You don’t have to be a BMW fan to know the classic 2002 and appreciate it for its cool seventies retro look. The car still has a lot of fans, also and especially in the classic racing world.

As an enthusiastic model enthusiast, the American company Gruppe5 has now decided to sell a surprising transformation of this Bavarian classic.

Two versions

The company offers candidates the choice between two versions of a V10 from the E60 BMW M5. The first has an engine capacity of 5.8 liters, making the car good for 744 hp and a torque of 712 Newton meters.

The second, with a displacement of 5.9 liters, add a little more to 803 hp and a pulling force of 745 Newton meters.

This old BMW is faster and more expensive than new Ferrari

Both engines are linked to a sequential gearbox from Xtrac. This means that all gears are in a line behind each other, instead of the usual H pattern: so super-fast shifting.

So it will not only be a very fast, but also very expensive renovation. Then you can also expect that a lot of attention has been paid to safety and that is true.

The car goes despite the addition of a roll cage, which provides extra safety, weighing 1,100 kilos and gets a downward pressure of reportedly 1,200 kilos at top speed. That means that the car could in theory turn upside down in a tunnel without falling.

This old BMW is faster and more expensive than new Ferrari

To wait

Do we have to wait long for this car? No, that is not too bad. The American company already accepts orders and wants to start production in the summer.

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