Three women ganged and molested a young man

Nobody would like to live with what this man has incurred. To be sexually abused by three women who gives you a stupid trap especially that you know one among them.

The story takes place in South Africa. A young man was abused by three women in their homes, according to Africa’s elite who reports the information.

According to the source, the young man explains that he had received a call from a woman he knows who told him that she was worried about electricity in her home and wanted his help.

According to the victim, “I went into her house and when I arrived, I saw another girl. I did not pay attention to them. Then another girl who was hiding behind the door closed the door, then I realized that something was wrong.”

For the young man, after closing the door, these ladies gave him their desire, which is to have sezx. But the young man saw in all this a joke, “I first thought they were joking,” he added.

When he was released by the three women, the young man told this mishap to his sister but she did not believe it.

“I told my elder sister what happened, but she thought I was joking.” But later her sister encouraged him to file a complaint against the three “sezx-hungry” women after watching the video on the internet. This is how the young man went to the police.

“When I told them what happened, they were shocked. The three women were arrested the same day I reported them.”

According to the source, the young man knew those women well and have grown up with them in the same area.


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