Time for other smartphones? Pay close attention to these 4 points

There are countless numbers of smartphones on the market today, making it increasingly difficult for an ordinary user to find his/her ideal smartphone in the smartphone forest.

Hopefully, with the following tips, it will be a little easier.

1. Check the operating system

The first question you should ask yourself: which ‘race’ of smartphone users do you want to belong to? With Android, the largest and best-known operating system for smartphones, you naturally have a very wide choice of available brands and devices, ranging from Samsung to Huawei to Sony. IOS counterpart is the operating system that you know of Apple’s iPhones.

What plays a role here is which ‘ecosystem’ you are used to with your other devices, being your computer and tablet. For Windows PC’s it might make a little less difference, but Mac users will agree that the connection with an iPhone works better. Also keep in mind that more and more TVs, including those from Sony and Philips, now run on the Android operating system and take over functions from your smartphone.

2. Ridiculously good screen qu ality

Especially in the quality of smartphone screens, there has been enormous growth in recent years. There are smartphones with a wide range of different image resolutions on the market (up to even a 4k screen, just like with a modern TV). Smartphones with OLED screens (Organic Light Emitting Diodes, or small, luminous organic particles in the image plate) are a bit of a hype today: those screens can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 and iPhone X models from Apple.

3. Multiple cameras

With the built-in camera in smartphones, things progressed even faster: multiple cameras quickly became a fixed element. Anyone who is currently looking for a better smartphone even looks weird when viewing another device with a single camera.

Time for other smartphones? Pay close attention to these 4 points

The cameras in question also ‘help’ each other: to conjure up a more panoramic image or to zoom in. Multiple cameras also bring more depth into the image.

4. A battery that reads it out for a day

Until a year or two ago, everyone just got it – though sighing – that smartphones didn’t last a full day on one fully charged battery. But that time is now gone for good: modern smartphones have a battery that lasts for one or even two days. This is mainly due to the greatly increased power of the batteries: 3,000 milliamps (mAh) has gradually become the minimum for those who require a bit of battery power from their smartphone.

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