Tips for raising happier children, you must know

In times when it must always be more, better and faster, it is not easy to bring up happy children. With these tips we will make it easier for you.

1. Stay curious
Interested in what your child thinks or feels is an important key to successful parenting. Remain curious about what your child has to tell you, even if they are small, trivial details. By giving your child more than enough attention when it is small, it will later find it easier for you as a teenager to tell the really important things.

2. Restrict the internet use of your child
In our modern world we are almost always ‘on’. The same applies to your child. So, spell in moments when your son or daughter is forced to abandon all technology. By leaving the social media aside, you give your child the chance to work on his or her social skills in real life. The direct result: a stronger bond with the people in his immediate environment.

3. Re-examine your own behaviour on social media
Take a critical look at what you share on Facebook or Instagram. It is much easier to convince a teenager not to do something if you are not guilty of it yourself.

4. Do not try to hide your own shortcomings
Of course, it is important to cultivate your child’s ambition. But: nobody is perfect and it is important that your children see it too. By talking openly about situations in which your own actions did not go according to plan, you are relieving the pressure to constantly perform. You also teach your child that failure is part of life.

5. Let them go on their beak
It is our natural instinct as parents to protect our children from life as much as possible. Still, it is important that you occasionally let your child go to his mouth. Only in this way does it get experience with overcoming adversity. And let that just be necessary for a good development of the brain. A child must experience setbacks, grief and disappointments, in order to learn how to deal with his fragile feelings.

6. Learn to take everything with a grain of salt
Especially online, the lives of others always look a lot brighter than it really is. Teach your children to be curious, to analyse everything thoroughly and above all not to believe everything they see.

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