Eyeball tattoo or scleral tattooing: Is it worth it?

The primary meaning of a tattoo on the eyes is to demonstrate its originality. However, does scleral tattoo gone wrong? what you need to know.

Young people are attracted to dramatic changes in appearance. A person with such a tattoo takes on a frightening look, resembles a monster from a horror movie, and shocks others.

The experimental trend is supported by real daredevils, because, in addition to an extraordinary appearance, a tattoo on the whites of the eyes can lead to health problems.


Eyeball tattoo. Is it worth it?

Tattoos on the iris are not new; the ancient Romans and Greeks made them eliminate white spots associated with diseases. In the 19th century, they tried to restore the cornea.

The doctors used different needles and inks; the patients were unaware of the possible consequences of using dyes. At the beginning of the 21st century, changing the colour of the cornea became one of the services of cosmetology clinics. The first procedure was carried out in 2007.

How is a tattoo done on the eyes?

Not every professional will undertake such work. The choice of offers is limited. Before starting, you need to make sure that there is no allergy to drugs, check your eye health.

Many refuse the procedure when they learn how to make a tattoo on the eyeball:

  • instil a drug for local anaesthesia;
  • the thinnest needle is used to inject pigment into the sclera or iris;
  • remove the needle, blot the remnants of the pigment.

The upper, middle and lower layers of the optic membrane are gradually filled. After a while, the dye fills the entire surface. To achieve the planned effect, three or more procedures are required. In between sessions, the professional observes the client. If the swelling persists for a long time, the pigment spreads unevenly; you should refuse and postpone the procedure.

Possible consequences of applying a tattoo on the eyeball

Getting a tattoo carries a high risk of infection, which can reach the nucleus of the eye.

It is worth noting that none of the dyes has been tested and is not a proprietary drug. The chemical composition of the pigment can cause allergies and inflammation. There is a risk of retinal detachment as the dye is injected between the layers.

Among the complications:

  • partial or complete blindness;
  • the development of glaucoma, cataracts;
  • photophobia, increased tearing;
  • overgrowth of the pupil – closure with fibrous tissue.

To avoid complications, you should follow the recommendations and rules.

After eyeball tattoo care tips

Eyeball tattoo. Is it worth it?

The eyes do not need ointments and sterile dressings, and a complex sequence of care procedures is not required. Before the session, it is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist to clarify the condition of the optic organ.


  • drip disinfectants during the first week;
  • in the first 1-4 days, girls are not recommended to use decorative cosmetics;
  • if you experience severe swelling, tearing, you should consult a doctor.
  • Do not tattoo both eyes at once; start with one. If you decide to experiment with your appearance radically, you should consider the health risks and that the coloured or black iris will remain forever.

The procedure is justified to eliminate visible defects. If a person does not have a pupil, the white iris looks intimidating; you can contact a tattoo shop to draw an eye. This will restore the natural look.

For a high-quality result, you should use the services of qualified artisans who use modern dyes, disposable instruments, monitor the disinfection of the office and equipment. With experienced specialists, you can clarify what will happen if you get a tattoo on your eyes and how to provide proper care.

No salon can guarantee a good result since there is no licensed pigment. Craftsmen experiment, and the result remains unpredictable.

Look at the photo of the tattoo in which the pupil merges with the black iris of the eye. It should be understood that it will no longer be possible to surprise others after the first shocking appearance. In doing so, you must take into account the risks that the procedure bears. No one is safe from falling eyesight, no matter how professionally a tattoo is done on the eyes.

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