To Africans who believe the Covid-19 vaccine conspiracy theories

If you have an opportunity to get the covid-19 vaccine, please do it. If you don’t want to, at your own perilous. Nobody will force you to do it. But please don’t waste your time listening to all the nonsense conspiracy theorists spewing all over the internet.

Suppose white people want to kill Africans, regulate our birth rate or want to kill us all, they do not need to do it through a vaccine. They can get it done using Hennessy or other drinks. If you don’t drink Hennessy, they can put it inside the Geisha. If you don’t eat Geisha, they will put it inside the Italian shoe that you wear. If you don’t wear Italian shoes, they will send a drone as tiny as a mosquito.

Yes, they have those drones, they will fly all Over the Skies of Africa and release small doses of radiation or radioactive substances that could wipe out any number of people they want.

In fact, they can decide to wipe out those born on Monday or born on Tuesday or born on Friday or those of certain heights. Whatever they want, they have the technology to do it, and there is nothing you can do about it. We should stop humouring ourselves that we are so important or capable of surviving any diseases, disasters or attacks.

A people that do not make medicine that they take, food that they eat, drinks that they consume, clothes that they wear, the cars that they drive, the holy communion Bread and Wines that they take each Sunday, should be thankful that those who made those things are not evil.

Every time 30 seconds, malaria kills one child in Africa. Every day about three, thousand children die of malaria in Africa. Every year, almost 1 million. We Africans have not been able to do anything to save those children.

In the last 50 years, we have lost 50 million kids who will have grown up to contribute to Africa. They would have married and had their kids. If they had three kids each on average, they would have added 150 million people to Africa’s population.

We are still waiting for some evil quote on quote, white people to develop a vaccine for malaria? In the meantime, we spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year, paying the same white people to make malaria medicine for us to take, Just to be a life.

Every African should just be ashamed of himself or herself. Without those white people who make things that Keep us alive today, diseases, famine or natural disasters would have wiped us out. And it is not that we don’t have the brain to make things for ourselves, but we prefer to waste our time, our lives chasing Shadows, pointing at people trying to stop us, people trying to kill us or trying to make us look bad.

We are absolutely useless if you actually think about it. We carry our lazy selves around praying to God and waiting for God to save us. We are probably the greatest disappointment to God, for he gave us the same things he gave to the white people, the Chinese, the Indians and co.

But every day, we run to churches and mosques looking for solutions to problems. Meanwhile, we have all that it takes to solve the problems.

One would wonder how quickly we default to hopelessness and feel that they are out to get us. Anyday they want to get us; they would do it while we are sleeping.

One of these Conspiracy Theory videos making an ugly wave in some countries in Africa are doing more harm. The man in the video is well-fed American and well cared for. We should not help him spread that nonsense he’s talking about. Coronavirus is so stubborn that we need to remain cautious and Vigilant.

In the meantime, wash your hands wear your mask and maintain social distance. Follow Health officials guidelines and stay safe. Only those who made it alive on the other side of the pandemic will live to tell these stories.

Better to be among those living today because life has many opportunities to offer to those alive.

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