Too good to be true: student did not eat at KFC for a year for free

“A student from the South African city of Durban has deviously succeeded in eating for free for a year at a branch of chicken restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken.” That incredible story has been going on for several days. According to KFC in South Africa, this is fake news that spread like wildfire all over the world.

According to the story, the man ran into the lamp this week and was arrested. He was reportedly posing as a quality controller. The staff would not have noticed, because the ‘KFC bobo’ was always neatly dressed, had identification and business cards from the chain with them and was sold by luxury cars. For example, the man managed to eat for free almost daily for a year in the restaurant.

After the story appeared on Twitter, it spread like wildfire. The tweet below was retweeted tens of thousands of times and received more than 60,000 likes.

Subsequently, various international media copied the news, such as CBS News in the United States, The Daily Mail in England and various other European news websites. The head office of Kentucky’s Fried Chicken in South Africa reports that nothing is wrong. “It’s fake news,” KFC spokesperson Thabisa Mkhwanazi confirmed to Business Insider.


On social media, the alleged perpetrators of the scam were called “heroes” by people who believed the story. “The suspects should not be punished, but rather knighted,” it sounded because they managed to fool the balls. But that is not correct.

Too good to be true: student did not eat at KFC for a year for free

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